A tip from an expert on camping: Night’s rest on vacation

Many Britons have started packing their sleeping bags, tents and rolling mats in order to go on a staycation. Although camping can feel exciting, it shouldn’t discourage campers who want to make the most of the holidays by making sure that they are equipped with the proper gear.

A sleeping bag is essential for good sleep outdoors. How do camping enthusiasts choose the best one?

David Scotland is the owner of Outdoor World Direct, a family-owned retailer for camping equipment. Here are some helpful tips to assist holidaymakers in making the best choice.

David stated that sleeping bags are comfortable and have season ratings. This may sound like gibberish to campers new, but it is actually very important information.

It is very important to know the season rating. A one-season sleeping bag won’t be appropriate for summer nights. However, a three- or four-season sleeping bag can be thicker and more suitable for year-round camping. But it could not be thick enough for summer nights.

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Campers should also check the bag’s season rating. That means checking that the forecasted temperatures of your trip don’t fall outside of those temperatures.”

A bad sleeping bag can ruin your camping vacation.

Tourists will be able to enjoy the many activities planned for their vacation, regardless of whether they are staying in a tent or a hotel bed.

A sleeping bag that is appropriate for the destination and suitable for the purpose of your trip is essential to ensure a restful night.


Roll mats are just as important.

Neil Wright, Beds Divans stated that when it comes to choosing a summer camp roll mat, “We typically think about roll mats as ways to keep warm, not cool down.” If you are camping in a heatwave .”

While a heatwave might seem distant, Neil’s advice is still relevant all year.

Neil stated: “Look at R value, weight and bulk of the packaging.”

What is a rollmat’s R value in

Neil explained that the R number will indicate how warm the mattress will feel to sleep on. The .”

This means that a R value between 2 and 4 is best for hot climates. For the winter months, a value of between 2 to 4 is better. Anything higher than 4.0 will keep you warm during the winter .”

Neil has tips for those looking to get the most out of their camping gear.

He stated that an inflatable bed is a good option.

Then he said, “To maintain coolness choose an airbed that has a polyester sponge coating.” The material is extremely breathable, and it is easy to use even without the need for a sheet.

Because it is easy to use and breathes, a pongee mattress seems like the best option.

Neil stated: Polyester pongee beds can be rolled around and inflated to full firmness. This fabric will prevent the unpleasant smell of airbed sweat.

Camping is a great way to get outside and enjoy the outdoors. However, if you don’t have the proper gear it can make a wonderful camping experience a nightmare.

Britons can enjoy their vacations to the fullest if they have the proper sleeping bag, rollmat, and camping airbed.

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