A Watchdog investigation into holiday cost cutting may lead to lower holiday prices – PS166 could be saved by a family of four

The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has launched an investigation into the cost of PCR tests for travel. This comes as a result of rising prices making international travel unaffordable for millions.

A return trip to Spain for an unvaccinated person requires that four blood tests be completed. Even if the test is positive, it still costs close to 100 pounds.

The high cost of testing in the UK is a major reason for this large expense.

According to the consumer rights group, it had been warning the Government about travel costs in the UK for “many months”.

Boland said it was “comparatively high and prohibitively expensive.”

Data from ZAVA online doctor services revealed that British travelers have spent an estimated PS1.6 trillion since March 2020.

One in ten people who were able to get a COVID-19 test result received a negative, which added to the devastation of their travel plans.

Research also revealed that Britons are at high risk for delayed processing, and some test results may not be available in time to allow them to travel.

Nicky Kelvin (head of The Points Guy UK) believes that the Government needs to do more in order to give an open and transparent view to the testing companies on its approved list.

He stated, “I believe testing needs to be more affordable.”

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