Ashley Graham posted a video showing her naked baby bump. New video: “What a wild week”

Ashley Graham, a pregnant model posts video of her naked baby bump and then goes topless. She also shares a photo dump.

Ashley Graham posted a series of snaps to Instagram on Monday, showing her recent life events. She also shared a short video in which she posed naked with her pregnant belly.

To show her growing belly, the body-positivity advocate chose a light pink set of pajamas with the top left unbuttoned.

Vogue’s cover girl uploaded the photo dump along with the caption: “What a wild week.”

Bumping along:  Ashley Graham shared a topless snap on Monday while documenting her second pregnancy on Instagram

Ashley Graham shares a bumping photo on Monday as she documents her second pregnancy via Instagram

Hey baby: She also shared a seven-second video of her posing with her belly on show

Hi baby! She shared another seven second video showing her with her stomach on Show.

A good look: In the video she tucked her top behind her hips as she modeled her baby number two bump

It’s a great look! She hid her top under her hips while modeling her second baby bump.

As she modelled her second baby, she pulled her top under her hips.

The slide also featured a picture of her wearing a black baseball cap and shades as well as a one-piece green swimsuit.

While standing beneath a blue umbrella, the soon-to be mother-of-2 licked her lips and held a piece of lemonade.

She sure loves to share: The SI vet did not have a bra on as she gave a good view of her front

She loves sharing: As she shared her view, the SI vet didn’t have any bras on.

Beach day: The soon-to-be mother-of-two poked her lips out while standing under a blue umbrella and holding a piece of a clementine

Beach Day: Soon-to-be mom-of-two poked out her lips while she stood under a blue umbrella holding a piece clementine.

Glammed up: Another image shared was a glammed-up shot of Ash chewing gum while her ample cleavage spilled out of an orange tank top

Glammed up. Another photo shared by Ash was one of her chewing gum shots while she was wearing an orange tanktop that showed off all of her ample cleavage.

A glammed up shot of Ash chewing gum, while her large cleavage was exposed by an orange tank. This image was also shared with followers.

In black leggings and a topless mirror selfie, the author displayed a more casual look. While she was holding her phone, she covered her breasts.

Ashley is seen in another photograph as her feet are seen as her sons toys lie in the sand just inches from them.

Mom life: In another photo we see Ashley's feet as her son's toys sit in the sand inches away

Motherhood: Ashley is seen in another photo with her feet while her sons’ toys are positioned inches from her.

Ashley teamed up with Knix, an intimate clothing brand to produce activewear.

She announced last month her pregnancy via Instagram, with an amazing shot of her naked baby bump.

The caption read, “I am just beginning to understand and celebrate this next chapter for us,”

Justin and Ashley welcomed Isaac into the world in January 2020.

They met in 2009, and they were married in 2010.

On her way: The star was also seen in the airport in a men's shirt and black leggings

She was on her way: Star also spotted at the airport wearing a black shirt and leggings for men


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