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Black Book: Mythical Beasts and Creatures of the Black Book Cherdyn

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Black Book: Mythical Beasts and Creatures of the Black Book

Folk and beast share the remote villages with their surrounding. There are also spirits, demons and ancient creatures that lurk among these beings. Only the Knowledgeers, witches or wizards, can defeat them and subdue them for their service.

Black Book is out on PlayStation 4 tomorrow. You play Vasilisa, the peasant girl, who received an ancient artifact from her grandfather – The Black Book. Vasilisa uses it to practice witchery to open the Black Book’s seals. It is believed that this will grant her any wish. She wants to see her beloved dead loved one again.

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Cherdyn’s homeland is full of magical creatures. Each one requires you to use your unique approaches and combinations of zagovors in order defeat them.


Leshys are ancient forest keepers. They can live thousands of years without any restrictions and will take on all forms of animal or human. Leshys guard jealously the forest that they consider theirs. Anyone who crosses the forest of leshys must request permission or risk dire consequences. Leshies can wreak havoc and Knowers would be wise to have certain herbs on hand against them.


Rusalkas look a lot like mermaids, but they have legs and not a fishtail. Beautiful and cunning, Rusalkas hunt prey quickly by slowly strangling and hypnotizing them. Rusalkas has the option to call on her entertained allies for help in battle.


These are people who have been under powerful spells that caused them to become werewolves. They hunt together in packs and are feared enemies with devastating damage that can sever people in half. You should have enough defenses in place to stop such an enemy before they arrive.


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Parasitic demon, which crawls into the body of the victim and gradually entraps them. The victim is subject to convulsions and pain. A possessed person is unable to rest, and often has to be expelled from the community. The Knower must take special care to kill the Ikota when it emerges from its host. Otherwise, the victim could also perish.


Bannitsa, a powerful but common demon, lives under the stove in a banya. Bannitsa is surrounded by banniks. These are hot coal lumps that can shoot red-hot flames. They also look for ways to cleanse the other person of their grease and filth. If you don’t know what you are up against, demons will try to cleanse you of all negative and positive effects.


Vodyanois were ancient spirits of water. Vodyanois are ancient spirits of water, much like the leshys who control forests. They claim lakes and rivers as their own kingdom. Rusalkas and drowners serve the vodyanoi who rules the region. They love to make a deal, but you need to be able to understand what they have to offer.


A koldun, a wizard who dies before his demon flock is passed on to his successor, will be tortured and prevented from leaving this world. The corpse is transformed into a horrible undead creature full of hatred and malice when this happens. They eat the soul of victims and are so vile, it is wise to be prepared to fight them with blessings or other spells.

You will encounter these and other mysterious creatures on Vasilisa’s voyage through Cherdyn. Each enemy is unique and requires thoughtful planning. You will discover new spells, create the best hand possible for every enemy (boss and otherwise), and finally break the Black Book seals to fulfill your deepest wish!

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Cherdyn is waiting for you. Stay safe.

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