Brands in their early stages should unlock the potential of Influencers

They’ve made waves on every screen and have been sponsored by nearly every major brand, from Charli D’Amelio x Hollister to MrBeast x Honey. They’re growing exponentially.

It’s high time influencers were included in your marketing strategy for early stage growth. Paid acquisition always tops the list when companies consider how they can rapidly grow their revenue and reach. However, there are many other important elements to a growth marketing engine such as using lifecycle marketing and organic reach through SEO.

Influencer marketing doesn’t just work for large brands. It’s also applicable to all brands. It’s high time that influencer marketing is a part of your overall growth marketing strategy.

Influencer marketing is a tactic that’s often forgotten by new brands. We would witness a greater awareness of the power and value of influencer marketing. It doesn’t hurt that there is a limited supply of marketers who know how to use this lever.

Influencer marketing spending from 2016 to 2021 (predicted). Image Credits: Jonathan Martinez

The popularity of this marketing strategy is growing. Let’s decode influencer marketing and learn how it can be paired with a lesser-known paid marketing tactic. We will also explore the many ways to harness influencer assets. Postmates, which mastered influencer marketing for three years, and me being a YouTuber in 2008 as well as advising startups have allowed me to unlock the potential of influencer market and I want others to do so.

Start with

This column is not just for large brands. Influencer marketing can be used to promote any brand. This is for all brands. When you are developing your growth strategy, include an influencer-pillar in it.

Reaching out to influencers is a numbers-based game. It’s all about grabbing their attention and pitching you brand. However, there are many ways to convert more responses. Here are some cold messages you should know before you reach out to influencers.

  • The brand pitch.
  • An enticing offer.
  • Next steps

Influencers are known for receiving a lot of messages from their fans. You should be able to nail your pitch if you are at the marketing stage. Use what you have crafted, and reduce it down to one or two sentences.

Which are your key brand value propositions and should influencers be concerned? You can show your brand by linking it to their industry, their content, and their fashion.

Following the pitch is an irresistible offering. It should be something like this: “I’ll give you some samples of our protein bars.” With that offer, the conversion rate will only be one tenth of percent. Make your offer attractive and use one of the following structures: Fixed fee, Fixed Fee + Performance or Performance.

There are three options for structuring an influencer deal depending on your budget and risk tolerance: pay a fixed one-time fee or each conversion (CPA performance basis), or both.

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