British Sea Power group drops the ‘British” to avoid any connotations of “antagonistic nationalism”.

British Sea Power is an alternative rock group that was formed in the early 2000s. They have dropped “British” from their names. Today, the UK-based band announced their decision on their website. This was in support of their new album. The band stated that they had made the decision after much soul-searching and reflection.

Sea Power continued with the statement: “We have been British Sea Power 20 years. An amazing 20 year, in which we were able to continuously traverse the British Isles to travel the globe, meeting many friendly faces not only in the incredible audience.

The name British Sea Power felt constricting. It was like an old legacy that we carried with us. There were two possible lines of thinking behind the British Sea Power name.

“There was literally sea power, the elementary power that the oceans had. This was accompanied by the historic idea of British sea power – Britannia ruling over the waves, the naval power which once enabled Britain to rule the globe. The original name of the band was not the British one.

According to the band, the intention was for the name “a sort of wry humor” at the time. The idea of British maritime power as a historical term was “an outdated thing.”

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It was just a name for a band. Now 20 years later we are recasting it.

“In the recent past there has been an increase in a particular kind of nationalism throughout this world. It is an isolationist and antagonistic nationalism we do not want to be confused with.

It’s now clear that British Sea Power can be misunderstood, especially if the person isn’t familiar enough with their music or the band.

Sea Power stressed that their approach has always been globalist. They believe their songs such as Waving Flags are a clear example of this.

The group concluded that “Maybe this name-change has been there since years, shouted into our ears.” We have taken so long to realize – to see what lay in front of …”.

However, not everyone was happy with this news as shown in comments to a tweet from the band that said: “Goodbye British Sea Power.” Hello Sea Power.”

One person wrote, “Disappointed.” Anybody who has seen you or heard of you will tell you there is no nationalism. Those who haven’t can see and hear you, but don’t be afraid to challenge their beliefs. “You should be proud of who you are.”

One fan said, “Oh my God what.” This feels wrong. Since 2003, when I saw your support for The Strokes on the internet, you’ve been my British Sea Power. Since then, I have loved you. Your BSP.

One tweeted “I get the logic, but it’s sad you feel the need to make this.” Your career has been followed by no one who would mistake you for an ultranationalist. But regardless of name, if you’re the same band with the same quality of music that’s what matters!

Another said, “Always BSP. Every time. Although you did change from BAP to BSP very early in your career, it was not a major shift. We will forever be BSP’s most loved band.

Never called you “Sea Power”, just BSP. This just feels wrong.

Sea Power’s new album Everything Was Forever will be released February 20, 2022. The band has also released Two Fingers, a single.

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