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Can my car be run on E10 fuel? What to do when you add new fuel? Change

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Can my car be run on E10 fuel? What to do when you add new fuel?

However, thousands of motorbike, car and van owners have been told they might not be able to use this new fuel in their cars. From September, E10 petrol will be replacing E5 petrol in the UK.

Some older vehicles models may not be compatible with this fuel.

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E10 will be the new standard gasoline, in line with the government’s plans to reduce CO2 emissions over the next few years.

Although E5 petrol is still available at stations, it may be less prevalent.

Only petrol stations offering E5 are allowed to sell at least 2 types of gasoline. You will therefore need to check twice before you fill up.

E5 will be a super-grade fuel. This will mean that it will cost more.

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According to the Government, E10 will be widely used as a standard petrol grade. However, E5 will also be available in large quantities throughout the UK. Some vehicles and other equipment may still require E5.

The RAC says that the following cars (along with the remaining UK registered vehicles) might not be able to use E10 gasoline.

Volkswagen Golf (28,066)
MG MGB (2,890).
Mazda MX-5 (18.162)
Nissan Micra (15,785)
Morris Minor (12.796)
Rover 25 (9.879)
MG MGF (9.352)
Ford Escort (8,947)
Rover Mini (7,614)
MG TF (7.568)

E10 is not recommended for certain classic vehicles.

You can verify if your car is E10-compatible by using this Government E10 Checker. Simply enter your license plate to get a answer.

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The change does not affect diesel vehicles.

Publited at Mon, 9 Aug 2021 16:12:52 +0000

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