Contract breakdown for Luka Doncic: What will the Mavericks pay?
What is star earning per year?

Contract breakdown for Luka Doncic: What will the Mavericks pay? What is star earning per year?

Contract breakdown for Luka Doncic: What will the Mavericks pay?
What is star earning per year?

Monday’s extension by the Mavericks to their $207 million investment in Luka Doncic, a 5-year deal worth $207 million, was approved.

ESPN’s Bobby Marks reports the extension is worth $207.1 million, based off 30 percent of the projected $119 million salary cap for the 2022-23 season (and using guidelines for the NBA’s designated rookie supermax extension). The following is his year-by-year salary breakdown.

  • 2022-22-23$35.7 Million
  • 2023-24$38.6 Million
  • 2024-25$41.4 Million
  • 2025-26$44.3 Million
  • 2026-27$47.1 Million

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ESPN reports Mavericks leaders on Monday landed in Slovenia — where Doncic is staying after the 2021 Tokyo Olympics — to formally present him the contract; Doncic confirmed his extension in a statement released to ESPN, also announcing future plans for his foundation:

Doncic stated, “Today’s a dream come to life.” The game of basketball has been a blessing to me and taken me to many incredible places. It is an honor to be a Mavericks player and I appreciate your support.

Along with the new contract, I’m happy to say that I will be focusing my efforts on The Luka Doncic Foundation. My foundation, an international non-profit organization that gives back to the places I love such as my homeland of Slovenia and North Texas communities.

“I am happy to announce that in collaboration with 2K Foundations, we will soon unveil two basketball courts in Slovenia. My childhood basketball courts, where I first learned the game and played it often, are being renovated. It’s exciting to see kids have the chance to enjoy the same court and follow the same goals as I did.

Doncic is expected to hold a press conference on Tuesday regarding his extension.

Dallas offered Doncic, a 22-year old who is considered one of the most accomplished players in the NBA, as a guarantee. The Elias Sports Bureau reports that Doncic, who was named NBA Rookie-of-the-Year in 2018, is the only player to have been named All-NBA First Team multiple times since the merger of NBA and ABA. Kevin Durant was the other player to achieve this feat, and he did it in his fourth and fifth NBA seasons.

Luka Doncic is eligible to receive the rookie supermax extension.

Doncic was the first to be eligible for the rookie supermax extension since 2011’s NBA “Derrick Rose Rule”. The rule was created after third-year Rose was named NBA MVP. It allows younger players to make a greater percentage of the salary cap of their team, 30 percent instead of 25.

Per Spotrac, Doncic has earned that percentage because 1) he is entering the fourth year of his original rookie deal and 2) was named first-team All-NBA in each of the prior two seasons.

It is a worthwhile investment by the Mavericks considering all that Doncic has achieved in each of his seasons. Doncic, who never has averaged less than 21.1 points per season, averages 25.7, 8.4 rebound and 7.7 assists per games for his entire career. This includes an average 45.7 percent field goal percentage, and 33.1% beyond the arc.

These numbers get even better during the postseason. Doncic has averaged 33.5 points and 8.8 rebounds per game in two series, one each for the 2019-20 season and the 2020-21 seasons. During those two seasons, which were both the Clippers’ first round exits, Doncic has shot 49.5 percent from the floor and 39.5 percent from 3.

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