David Guetta (53), continues to shine his radiant glow as he Hits the beach at Mykonos

Guett keeps getting better. David (53 years old) continues his glowing glow as he walks along the Mykonos beach. He has no alcohol and lives a healthy lifestyle.


David Guetta and Jessica Ledon continued to display their toned bodies as they hit the beaches in Mykonos Sunday with Jessica Ledon.

In recent months, the 53-year old superstar DJ has amazed fans with his young looks and strong physique. Experts attribute this to both his intense training regime and being teetotal.

He looked amazing as he changed into blue swim trunks, displaying his incredible abs.

Guett’ing just gets better with him! David (53 years old) continued his glowing glow as he walked along the Mykonos beach on Sunday. He was free of alcohol and has a healthy lifestyle (pictured in 2014).

David accessorized with shades and a silver necklace, while his long hair was perfectly coiffed.

As he cuddled with his girlfriend Jessica (28), the French DJ seemed in good spirits as they went on their outing. Jessica was wearing a mint green bandeau bikini.

They looked totally in love as they took in the sun, before settling down for a quick kiss and then reuniting at the shore.

David and Jessica started dating in 2015. It was revealed that David gave Jessica a promise ring instead of an engagement ring last year.

Cute couple: David was joined for his day at the beach by his girlfriend Jessica Ledon, 28, who looked incredible in a bikini

Cute couple: David and Jessica Ledon (28), were joined by David for a day on the beach. Jessica looked amazing in a bikini

Looking good: The Titanium hitmaker looked incredible as he slipped into a pair of blue swimming trunks that left his rippling abs on full display

Sweet: David couldn't keep his hands off his girlfriend

Look good! The Titanium star looked amazing as he donned a pair blue swim trunks, which left his abs on full display.

Throwback: The superstar DJ, 53, has been marvelling fans in recent months with his youthful looks and muscular physique - with experts stating the star's intense fitness regime and being teetotal are behind it (pictured in 2013)

Throwback: In recent months, the 53-year-old superstar DJ has amazed fans with his young looks and muscle body. Experts believe that this is due to his intense training regime and being teetotal (image from 2013).

David, 53 years old, has defied the trends by becoming the most fit he’s ever been. According to many fitness professionals, David’s toned body is due to a variety of sports, including surfing, which “improves core strength”, and tennis, which “promotes explosive speed and power.”

David spoke to Ask Men 2017 about his love for fitness and how he tries to make a routine in every country where he travels.

He said, “I get up in the morning, eat breakfast and then go to the gym to have lunch. Then I start work.” “Then, in the evening I board the plane to go to a show and then go to bed. Although it takes more effort, I am a driven individual.

Delightful duo: The French DJ looked in great spirits on the outing

Delightful duo: He cuddled up to his girlfriend Jessica

Delightful duo: Jessica wowed in a mint green bandeau bikini

A delightful duo: French DJ, Nicolas Legrand looked great as he cuddled with his girlfriend Jessica (28 years old) while on the outing. Jessica was wearing a mint green bandeau bikini.

Sweet: The pair looked completely smitten as they soaked up the sunshine

Sweet: The pair looked besotted

Sweet: They looked so in love as they took in the sun, had a good sex and then left the beach together.

He said, “My goal is body composition.” My goal is to maintain my weight, but gain muscle and lose fat. I don’t want to become a huge guy. I simply want to feel stronger and more defined.

James Griffiths, a fitness specialist from Wild Training says David does not have the traditional bodybuilder physique that many guys achieve through the simple gym routine of back, chest and legs.

He explained that David looks lean, strong and light to him. This is possible because of a good balance between strength training and cardio exercise. It is easy to see that his strength has a significant impact on the size of his body.

His abs, shoulders and chest are visible and he looks fit and toned without being too muscular bound. This is the kind of appearance you can get without having to lift any weights, but by using calisthenic-style workouts and bodyweight.

They can’t help but share their love! David and Jessica were passionate about each other as they sat on the sand together.

Adorable: The pair cuddled up close on their sun loungers as they chilled out in the heat

It was adorable: They cuddled close to their sunloungers as they cooled down in the heat.

He said, “When you use your body weight, you have a limit on the amount of load that you can work with. This is in contrast to traditional weight training, where you can increase your weight, but your muscles will grow beyond what you can do through bodyweight training.

“So, you don’t have the ability to surf regularly, which is more about power and strength with your bodyweight than cardio,” then get in some bodyweight training. The Olympic rings are my ultimate training in bodyweight for men.

He has spoken out about nutrition before, saying that he only eats 4 main meals and 2 snacks per day.

Looking good: It's possible Jessica and David do their workouts together

Looking good:They sported equally as impressive physiques

Look good! Jessica and David may have done their exercise together as both had equally impressive bodies.

He continued to explain that they are mostly made up of protein, some carbs once a week, lots of fruits and vegetables three times per day, and no other sugar.

He said that healthy fats include avocados, nuts and sea bass, as well as consuming ‘only olive oil’.

James Dodds, a nutrition expert explained that weight training combined with cardio can be a great way to build muscle and encourage your body to burn fat.

Fighting fit: At the age of 53, David has bucked the trend by getting into the best shape of his life - and according to several fitness experts, his toned physique is all thanks to a range of sports

David is a fighter for fitness: David, 53 years old, has managed to get in the best shape of all time by switching to sports.

Fueling his fitness: The superstar DJ has also spoken about his nutrition in the past

Fueling his fitness: David previously revealed he eats four main meals and two snacks a day in order to look so ripped

How to fuel his fitness. The star DJ also spoke out about nutrition. He eats four meals a day and two snacks in an effort to appear so toned.

Layering up: Later in the day, David donned a white T-shirt, while Jessica slipped into a ditsy summer dress

Layering up: Jessica and David layered up later in the day with a white T-shirt while Jessica chose a summer dress.

He said that nutrition is partly down to genes. To achieve toned body, particularly as you age, you will need to determine which combination of food works best for your needs.

“However, there are some things that you can do to increase your intake of protein and fiber, cut out sugar, and focus on healthy fats such as omega-3 from fish and omega-6 in nuts and seeds.

“The most important thing is to realize that it is a lifestyle decision and not a one-time fix. You can improve your health and nutrition by gradually improving your exercise and diet.

David, on the other hand is very different.

Staying sober: While David is known for getting the party going, he previously revealed that he is teetotal

Fitness fanatic: Jessica also follows a strict health and fitness regime

He is sober and he keeps it that way: David’s party-goer reputation is not without merit. However, David has previously admitted to being a teetotaler.

Stepping out together: David lead the way as he strolled down the beach with Jessica following on behind

Walking out with Jessica: David led the way, Jessica following behind.

In 2014, he spoke to Hindustan Times about his clean life. When asked about a secret side, he replied that he doesn’t smoke or drink.

Anti-aging expert, Dr Ross Perry, Medical Director at Cosmedics Skin Clinics says that David Guetta can easily look 20 years younger than he is.

He said, “It’s more than his well-sculpted body. David clearly takes his health lifestyle very seriously.”

Dr Perry explained that ageing can often be attributed to lifestyle and genetics.

Sweet: David and Jessica began dating in 2015, and last year, it was reported that David had given the brunette beauty a promise ring in lieu of an engagement ring, as he 'no longer believes in marriage'

Sweet: Jessica and David began their relationship in 2015. It was revealed that David gave Jessica a promise ring instead of an engagement ring last year because he “no longer believes” in marriage.


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