Fortnite’s Ariana Grande concert gives you a glimpse of the music. The metaverse

Ariana Grande strutted and soared around a candy-colored series of Fortnite sets in Epic’s latest major in-game live music event. Grande and gamers alike enjoyed the multi-day tour, which showcased Epic’s visually stunning vision of live events that can be enjoyed by millions.

For a long time, Fortnite gamers knew that an Ariana Grande concert was planned. It followed other in-game performances featuring Marshmello and Travis Scott. Scott’s in-game performance saw 12.3 million live viewers, a number that the Ariana Grande event is likely to top, given that it ran over multiple days.

Epic posted a video from the concert. It’s worth watching, even if it’s just to see the amazing things that are possible within gaming. It’s great to experience the concert live, however the video does a good job of capturing the feeling.

The show had a few mini-games this time that allowed players to do more than simply fly around and watch a virtual pop star perform her tricks. Players rode a rainbow-colored racetrack and hit power ups to make it a mix of Mario Kart, Splatoon and Marshmello. After the racetrack, players were thrown through an environment inspired by Dr. Seuss with giant floating eyesballs and candy-pink trees. Then they were dropped into a minigame where they shot down Wolfmother’s Storm King boss.

Grande’s Fortnite debut was made a few songs into the game with “7 Rings”, a 2019 song that saw her streak across the sky, and then materialize on top of an island of stars. She flew through the clouds in angelic wings, and players followed her with rainbow bubbles. The coolest part was when Grande, who is skyscraper high, ascension ascended Escher-esque stairs with a huge diamond mallet, before throwing it at the sky to break the sky.

Epic has set the standard so high that Fortnite’s most recent event did not have many surprises. Fortnite’s live events, which are imaginative and creative in every way possible, allow you to dress up as your favourite skin and sail with millions around the globe.

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