GTA 5 is leaving Xbox Game Pass: What will it cost? You can keep playing

GTA 5 is leaving Xbox Game Pass: What will it cost?
You can keep playing

Xbox Game Pass customers have suffered a major blow as GTA 5 has been removed from the service.

On August 8, Grand Theft Auto 5 was taken off Xbox Game Pass.

There’s always the chance that it might return in the future, but subscribers will have to purchase the game right away to continue playing.

Grand Theft Auto 5 is currently available for PS24.99 on Xbox One.

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This is the Premium Edition, and it comes with the Criminal Enterprise Starter Pack to GTA Online.

The Criminal Enterprise Starter Pack allows new GTA Online players to quickly jumpstart their criminal enterprises with some of the most popular and exciting content, plus 1,000,000 Bonus Cash to Spend in GTA Online. All content is worth more than GTA$10,000,000 when purchased individually.

The other versions include the same online and single-player content as in the original version, plus extra cash that can be spent on upgrades.

You may have been taken aback by the announcement that GTA 5 will be leaving Game Pass. However, six more games are going extinct this weekend.

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These include Ape Out, Crossing Souls, Final Fantasy VII, Darksiders Genesis and Don’t Starve on PC.

It’s not all bad news. New games are constantly being added to the Game Pass lineup.

Sega’s new strategy game Humankind will also be included in this list. It will launch on August 17th on Game Pass PC.

Humankind can be described as a combination of history and culture that creates a unique civilization.

You will be writing a new story about human history (…, starting from the Neolithic Era. As you strive to make the greatest impact on the world,

This game includes more than 60 historic cultures, from Ancient times to the Modern Era.

Each of these cultures brings a different layer, creating almost endless outcomes. With every action you take and each moral decision you make, you’ll continue to customise the civilization. __S.19__

You can build your fame by doing everything you want, but the winner of the game will be the one with the highest fame. “

Hades and Art of Rally are two other Game Pass release imminently. They will be joining the lineup later in this week.

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