Hidden behind the Mocap Magic of Arashi: Castles of Sin Tomorrow


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Arashi: Castles of Sin lets you play the role of Kenshiro a shinobi elite assassin. Haru and an arsenal of feudal weaponry, you can take revenge on the ruthless bandits that have terrorized Japan’s countryside and taken over castles in feudal Japan.

This game is small and scrappy. It was important to be flexible. Our approach was as simple as possible. We used state-of the-art mocap tools such as an inertial movement capture suit to capture full body motion, finger capture gloves, and an application that records high-quality facial motion. This was all done on a laptop costing less than $1,000, which proves that it is possible to capture high quality facial motion without expensive, bulky workstations.

We were able, thanks to these tools, to create a mobile studio that could shoot at the same quality as a traditional mocap stage. This was possible with just Forrest Soderlind and Patrick Jandro from our office.

Master Russell McCartney is a Japanese swordplay world record holder and we collaborated with him to provide motion capture. Tom Doyle, our Creative Director, likes to point out that you won’t just be facing a bad sword-wielding guy. You’ll actually face one of the most skilled swordsmen in existence.

The katana doesn’t have to be your only weapon. It’s just one of the ten weapons available in Arashi. Peter Carlson is a designer who values meaningful player choice and expressive play. Therefore, each weapon was designed with strengths and weaknesses that allow players to take on challenges according to their own play styles.

This story was presented in Japanese by our team with subtitles. Our team has a passion for Japanese cinema from the 1940s and 1950s, and we wanted to take the viewer into our Criterion Collection movie.

It was essential to be able to accurately represent Japanese cultural customs. We devised a solution. Send a cell phone around the globe to Japan. Set up a tripod and record the capture software. Our Japanese voice actors then performed. Although we were excited about the task, it was difficult to present the whole game in Japanese as none of our animators speak Japanese. Louis Lu, the 3D Art Lead and his wife were fluent in Japanese and made it as seamless as possible for subtitles and lip sync.

Forrest and Pat said that this was the most challenging and rewarding experience they had on their project. We created this video to give you an overview of one aspect of the project. It features Ayane (Kenshiro’s guide and cousin).

Haru should be more than a weapon. He must also become your friend. We went on a field trip with Haru to Predators Of The Heart Wildlife Sanctuary, where we had an incredible day playing and learning from the wolves.

Haru was an example of a part that took a bit more effort. We had planned to meet Haru at a Mocap Studio to shoot her animation, but unfortunately that didn’t happen due to pandemic conditions. Beyond Capture, a Vancouver-based company, contacted us to coordinate a remote capture for four German Shepherds. Each one had a role, including aggressive, playful, cinematic and cinematic. Although it was a huge undertaking and completely new in our career, we are so pleased with Haru.

You can pet your dog!

Yes. The dog can be petted. You can pet the wolf.

Arashi makes me feel like an assassin, stealthy and strategic, in a park with my amazing toys. The first time that I faced two enemies with my katana, I was so excited. I love dropping mines near enemies, and directing Haru to disorient them. This is what lures them into my trap. Boom!

We are so happy for you to join us starting on August 10th. Your adventures in the shadows are something we can’t wait for.

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