Newest UpGrad is Based in Bangalore

India’s Newest UpGrad is Based in Bangalore Funding round for unicorn of $185M

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Newest UpGrad is Based in Bangalore

TechCrunch Top 3

  • Turo is taking its car rental business public:Turo is a popular U.S. startup which allows people to rent cars to others. It has now filed privately to become public. We are curious to see the numbers. We’ve been wanting to see the S-1 for a while, and also because of our curiosity about the way the company has navigated transit’s changing landscape and the pandemic. You will learn more when the company files publically, we know.
  • China’s tech crackdown continues:China’s government has yet another round of regulations. Next, Tencent could face trouble along with the rest of the gaming industry. NetEase was a Chinese gaming giant that suffered enough turmoil to force it to postpone the Hong Kong listing for its music business. Tencent Music has been publicly traded.
  • SpaceX buys Swarm Technologies:SpaceX’s work in connectivity is more tangible than it sounds to me after seeing my friend connect to Starlink. I was intrigued by the announcement that SpaceX is purchasing Swarm Technologies. What is Swarm’s role? TechCrunch says that Swarm “operates a constellation consisting of 120 satellites the size of a sandwich as well as an underground station network.” It is not clear how this may link to SpaceX’s current efforts.


We’ll start by sharing a few unicorn stories, and we will then dive into earlier stage startup news.

  • Indian edtech is still hot:Another day another unicorn in edtech. UpGrad is a Bangalore-based startup which “specializes in higher education” and has just raised $185million at a valuation of $1.2 billion. Temasek was the lead of this round. It was notable that it was two-part. The first tranche, worth $120million, valued UpGrad at an estimated $600 million.
  • Turkey’s first $10B startup:It’s not cool to be worth $1 billion. What do you think? $10 billion. That would imply that Trendyol, a Turkish e-commerce platform, is very popular. It is thought that the company has a market value of $16.5 billion by SoftBank Vision Fund 2, General Atlantic, and SoftBank Vision Fund 2. According to our reports, it serves approximately 30 million customers and generates around 1,000,000 packages each day. This is a large amount of shipping.

Let’s now talk about younger startups.

  • RentCheck wants you to get your dang deposit back:It has also raised $2.6million to support its endeavors. We all know what the problems are, but we’re more interested in how this company plans to shift the rental market towards renters. TechCrunch says the software allows property managers to conduct guided remote property inspections. As long as we get more money, that’s cool.
  • Canopy secures $15M in loan-servicing software fundingThe backend of the financial system isn’t fun, it’s not.hugeIt is also potentially very lucrative. Canopy Servicing targets the fintech sector with software development that helps companies offer and serve loans better. With $15 million in new funding, credit is an important problem. It will be fascinating to see how fast this API-delivered startup grows.
  • Meta App Search, Hell Yeah:CommandBar announced today that it raised $4.8million and has ended its beta phase. CommandBar’s technology is a search layer which sits on top of web apps making it easier to search. This is a real kicker. This is why? It can prove difficult to find what you want in web apps if you’re not proficient in using the app. This happens to everybody. Each day.
  • LawVu builds Salesforce for legal teamsLet’s get back to the important things, even if they aren’t entirely Super Very Cool. Now let us talk software that helps legal teams. LawVu, which is active in this space, just raised $17million NZD to support its efforts. The company is creating a digital platform for lawyers to communicate, share and collaborate.
  • Moove will finance African drivers with car loansMoove was founded by the founders after realizing that Africans have lower car ownership than other countries. The company, which just raised $23million, is working on providing asset-backed financing for people who earn money from their vehicles.

Brands in the early stages should harness influencers’ power

Consider influencer marketing before you commit to hiring a marketing professional who isn’t familiar with your products, or a CMO without years of industry experience.

The phrase may conjure up images of famous people selling hard seltzer. But think again. An influencer is as humble as a Reddit user managing your Telegram channel.

Jonathan Martinez, Uber’s growth marketing manager Jonathan Martinez said:

“…You don’t have to look for influencers who are a million followers. For testing purposes, you should look at microinfluencers, as they will be cost-efficient and can sponsor many people.

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Big Tech Inc.

  • Your Instagram ecommerce experience will include adsInstagram users, you are invited to add this feature to your ads.
  • One tech company’s antiracist culture.Ron Miller, TechCrunch’s Ron Miller, spoke with several Twilio executives about their efforts to become more diversity-friendly. They also want Twilio not to promote racism. That’s great. We hope that more businesses follow our lead.
  • Facebook is under attack for cutting research accessCongress was furious after Big Blue made the decision to “close accounts related to a misinformation project” last week. A group of senators is pressing Facebook on the matter of its decision to block access for researchers. This puts Facebook in a position where it has managed to create a negative media cycle.AndMore congressional oversight in one move The company must be praised for its efficiency.

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