The Final Rose

Katie Thurston, Greg Grippo reunited in ‘After The Final Rose

You can be sure that things are still very tense between them. Katie Thurston And Greg Grippo When they were reunited The Final Rose This is a sneak peek of the movie. A sneak peak of the Sunday, August 9th, is the finale of ABC’s series. The season 17 Bachelorette is confronted by her ex.

The 30-year-old ex-bank manager says to cohosts, “I am devastated.”Kaitlyn Beristowe And Tayshia AdamsIn the Monday teaser.

Greg (28 years old) says that “I emptied all my heart out for you,” Katie responds, “I don’t believe you understand what love is.”

The Final Rose
Katie Thurston and Greg Grippo ABC/Craig Sjodin (2)

Bachelor Nation watched Katie and Greg’s relationship go south during the August 2 episode after the New Jersey native felt she dismissed his feelings.

I am completely in love with your beautiful soul. Your love makes me feel the most happy I have ever felt. It’s all your fault. After sharing his grief over the death of his father, Greg stated that this is something Greg can see. I have never been so vulnerable in my entire life.

Katie replied that she just loves looking at her, prompting Greg to leave the show and question his feelings.

It was like telling someone a strange story. “… It’s felt just like Katie all the time. That night I thought I was telling Katie my love, but you couldn’t feel it,” he stated. It hurts, but I have reached my breaking point. You got everything. “I really do hope that you will find it.”

Katie Thurston and Greg Grippo Get Heated at After the Final Rose 3
Greg Grippo and Katie Thurston Courtesy of The Bachelorette/Instagram

ItBachelorSeason 25 alumni, on the other hand, was disbelieving and threatened to leave the show with her fellow finalists. Blake Moynes And Justin Glaze. The episode was aired. Katie said that Greg had gaslighted her after their split.

“Regardless of where you stand, we are all talking about it,” Katie wrote on Saturday, August 7, as Bachelor Nation continued to debate their split. “And that’s most important. Learning. Learning. Understanding.”

Katie Thurston and Greg Grippo Get Heated at After the Final Rose 4
Katie Thurston and Greg Grippo ABC/Craig Sjodin

Fans will be able to see what happens with Blake (30) and Justin (27) during Monday’s episode.

The official press release of the finale’s three-hour conclusion reads: “Destroyed and on the toilet floor following a terrible breakup, Katie can she pick herself up and continue with two men with whom she has fallen in love?” Later in Tayshia and Kaitlyn are joined by Katie, her last three and Katie as they attempt to understand what transpired in New Mexico. They also have a heated confrontation with Greg regarding his abrupt departure. Is Katie leaving with the love that she wanted, or is she going home on her own?

ABC will air the three-hour finale of season 17 of Bachelorette on Monday, August 9th at 8 PM. ET

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