Lisa Armstrong ex with James Green, her boyfriendWedding of Ant McPartlin

After ex Ant McPartlin’s wedding, Lisa Armstrong sat down with James Green. She ‘likes her’ tweet encouraging her to “keep her head up”.

  • As they walked together on a walk, James, 44-year-old makeup artist, seemed to be in love with her. This was just a day after Ant got married for the second time.
  • Lisa liked a tweet written by a friend, which read: “Lisa you’ve been in my thoughts true legend keep your head high [sic]”

Lisa Armstrong looked besotted with boyfriend James Green as they headed out on a dog walk together, the day after her ex Ant McPartlin tied the knot for a second time.

She was 44 years old and looked great while walking hand-in-hand with her 38 year-old electrician boyfriend.

The pair were seen at a west London park on Sunday with her pet pooch Hurley – whom Lisa shares custody with ex Ant.

Cute couple: Lisa Armstrong looked besotted with boyfriend James Green as they headed out on a stroll together, the day after her ex Ant McPartlin tied the knot for a second time

Lovely couple: Lisa Armstrong and James Green looked so in love as they took a walk together the day after Ant McPartlin got married.

This was because Lisa liked a tweet by a fan. She reached out to Lisa the day following Ant’s marriage to Anne-Marie Corbett, his ex-PA.

Tweet: Lisa you were in my thoughts true legend keep your head up [sic].

Lisa seemed to be in good spirits while out with James. She smiled as she walked through the park, her arms around one another.

For the event, she wore distressed jeans, a khaki jacket, and a khaki sweater over her’smiley’ sweater from Ganni. James wore chinos with a denim jacket.

Sweet: The makeup artist, 44, seemed in great spirits while strolling with her partner, 38, who she has been dating for more than a year

Sweet: This 44-year-old makeup artist was in great spirits as she walked with her 38 year-old partner.

Puppy love: The pair were seen at a west London park on Sunday with her pet pooch Hurley - whom Lisa shares custody with ex Ant

Love for puppies: On Sunday, the pair was seen together in a park in west London with Hurley their pet dog. Lisa has custody of Hurley with Ant.

Lisa was forced to come out after keeping her profile low in the lead-up to Ant and Anne-Marie’s wedding.

For a romantic getaway at this idyllic hotel, rooms are around PS450 per night. She was joined by James at the Pale Hall of Snowdonia.

James and Lisa are said to have met at the start of 2020. They went public about their relationship in August last year, just a few months after they split from Kirsty.

The day before: Ant and his former PA Anne-Marie tied the knot at Heckfield in Hampshire on Saturday in a lavish, star-studded ceremony

Yesterday, Ant and Anne-Marie, his ex-PA, tied the knot in Heckfield, Hampshire. It was a star-studded affair that took place on Saturday.

Ant and Anne Marie tied the knot in Heckfield, Hampshire, on Saturday. It was a star-studded affair.

The TV host told 100 people that he was saved by this beautiful woman during his speech at the reception.

He began by warming the crowd with a joke about Ant and his alcoholic status, before he started to tell us how Anne Marie had helped him regain control of his life after it was all over.

After he crashed his Mini in an accident in April 2018, he and his girlfriend got back together.

Making a point: While Lisa has not spoken out about Ant's wedding to Anne-Marie, she 'liked' tweets showing her support and joking about the weather forecast for Ant's nuptials

Point being made: Although Lisa did not speak out about Ant’s marriage to Anne-Marie she “liked” tweets showing support for Ant and laughing about Ant’s weather forecast.

Lisa, at the time of their relationship, publicly attacked Lisa’s comments. She tweeted that she thought she was MY friend. My friend, OUR PA whom I allowed into our home.

Then, she revealed that she didn’t know anything about the romance. She had read about it only in the media.

Ant and Anne Marie married only three years after they met, but Lisa and he had been together for over 11 years before the couple got engaged.

Delightful duo: Lisa certainly seemed in high spirits on her outing with James as they made their way around the park together

A delightful duo: Lisa and James seemed to be in good spirits as they made their way through the park together.

Low-key look: She kept things casual for the outing, opting for a pair of distressed jeans and a khaki coat, while James donned chinos and a denim jacket

A low-key look. She opted for distressed jeans and an khaki jacket for the event, and James wore chinos with a denim jacket.

He was 19 when they began dating.

After Ant spent the year in rehabilitation for his addiction to painkillers, the couple confirmed their separation in 2018.

After rehab Ant was unable to watch TV for a year and Lisa split up. Their divorce was finalized in April 2020.

Puppy love: Lisa was seen with her dog Hurley, who was bought in 2013 as she and ex Ant struggled, and ultimately failed, to have a baby

Love for puppies: Lisa was pictured with Hurley her puppy, which she bought when Ant and Lisa were unable to have children.

Tension: When Ant and Lisa split in 2018, the presenter told lawyers, 'She can have anything she wants - except the dog'

Tension: Ant and Lisa parted in 2018. The presenter said to lawyers that she could have any item except the dog.

Sharing is caring: Ant and Lisa ended up agreeing to share custody for a week at a time each

Sharing is caring: Ant & Lisa agreed to each share custody for one week.

Lisa refused initially to sign a confidentiality agreement. This led to an end to negotiations. They rejected a second offer, but they were able to reach an agreement on the third try.

Lisa was given the PS5million Chiswick ex-marital home – which has since been sold – and a portion of her fortune, valued between PS20million to PS31million.

They struggled to reach an agreement about Hurley their dog, which was purchased in 2013, as Ant and Lisa tried unsuccessfully to have children.

He told attorneys that he had given up on the pet dog when he split with his wife in 2018.

The two ended up agreeing that they would share custody for one week each.

Although Lisa did not speak out on Ant’s marriage to Anne-Marie’s, Lisa ‘liked’ a tweet by a fan saying: @lisAmakeup Terrible weather today in Hampshire.

A second ‘liked tweet’ was: “@lisaAmakeup Sending lots love sweetheart. Have a wonderful day!”

Loved-up: During his speech at their reception Ant said of his new wife Anne-Marie, 'This beautiful woman saved my life'

The love of their lives: Ant spoke at the reception about Anne-Marie.


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