Make Honeycomb the Center of Your Next Cheese Board


Make Honeycomb the Center of Your Next Cheese Board

Enjoy a cheeseboard with Ted Dennard (the founder of Savannah Bee Company), and be ready to be fascinated by the bees.

Ted has been a beekeeper for over 30 years and is an avid bee advocate. His passion is infectious. As a young boy, he began beekeeping and worked with bees throughout college. He joined the Peace Corps after college and began teaching beekeeping in Jamacia. He returned to his home in Jamacia and continued beekeeping. Friends and family wanted honey, so he began selling it.

He sold “Hopeful Honey”, which he had been selling from his yard for several years. In 2002, the Savannah Bee Company was officially established and the name changed to reflect the place where he lived. The Savannah Bee Company began as a mission-based company with the aim of “educating people about honeybees”.

Ted has become a honey sommelier, curating the finest honeys from around the globe. He has developed a wide range of delicious honey products, as well as beauty and wellness products. This is what earned him a loyal customer base. Savannah Bee Company products can be found in Ace Hardware, grocery stores, and Ace Hardware. However, if you wish to see the entire line of products, it is best to go to one of their 15 experiential retail shops. You can enjoy a complete honey experience, including honey tasting bars. Some stores offer mead–honey wines–bars and a honey cafe with honey-filled biscuits, depending on the state laws.

Ted is determined to keep his original goal in mind, even as the honey pot grows. Ted’s main goal is to continue to educate the public about the beauty of bees and remind them that “if you protect the bees you will save the world.”

This need for education and for protecting bees inspired him to create “The Bee Cause Project” in 2014 with Tami Enright. To teach children about bees and honey production, The Bee Cause Project installs beehives at schools across the US, Canada, and Bahamas. Each product sold by the company supports this cause. They have already placed beehives at 630 schools, with an ultimate goal to place 1,500 hives.

This is enough reason to purchase Savannah Bee Company products. But the best proof comes in the tasting. Savannah Bee Honey is the best I’ve ever tasted. You can find a honey for every taste, including the Gold Reserve honeys and the simple ones. There are many varieties, including black sage and wildflower honeys, as well as orange blossom and saw palmetto honeys. Honey for Cheese, Honey for Grilling and Honey for Your Tea are some of the honey options. Whipped honey from Montana, available in either natural or flavored, with chocolate or cinnamon, is another favorite of mine.

Honeycomb is the purest and most precious form of honey. The honeycomb is my favorite kind of honeycomb. I enjoy letting the honeycomb melt in my mouth and cutting it into pieces. You can also add it to a slice of cheese, charcuterie or meat. The sweetener balances salty meats and cheeses, while the honeycomb gives it a chewy texture that gradually melts.

In the last few years, cheese boards have firmly elevated ‘cheese & crackers’ to new heights. You can see honey being added to cheese boards in many photos and videos shared on social media. However, it is usually just a drizzle. While that is fine, adding honey to your cheese or charcuterie board with a thick slice of honeycomb is a great way to make it extra special. After the honeycomb has been placed, you can add cheeses, nuts and olives to your board. Add it as long as it is delicious.

It comes in a shallow, clear container. This is besides the excellent quality of the Savannah Bee Company honeycomb. The honeycomb is kept in its container. I then place all the other food around it. This allows me to keep the honeycomb fresh and preserve any leftovers. My favorite product is the Cordial Honeycomb Gift box that comes with a cherrywood honeycomb knife that is made in the mountains of North Carolina.

You can start with a large, wooden cutting board. My favorite breadboard is my vintage one, but many prefer circular boards. You can use any shape you like. It is easier to make my cheeseboard from the middle outwards.

Place the honeycomb slightly out of center in its box and then build up from there. These are my tips for building a board. However, you can make your own.

  • Honeycomb
  • Goat cheeses, soft ripe Brie and an Aged Cheddar are all available.
  • In a smaller ramekin, you can also store other soft cheeses like Boursin, ricotta and burrata.
  • Salami and Prosciutto
  • Salted crackers and seeded crackers. Sliced Baguette. Bread sticks
  • Fresh seasonal fruits such as cherries and berries, apples, pears, figs, etc.
  • Dry fruits such as dates, dates, figs and pears
  • I use small containers for condiments such as jams, tapenade and mustards
  • I like to make pickled vegetables, olives and cornichon in ramekins.
  • Pecans, almonds and cashews can be toasted with pistachios, walnuts, almonds, cashews and pecans.
  • Fresh herbs or edible flowers in a sprig
  • Your favorite nibble

Let your imagination run wild and follow your instincts!


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