Match beta test targets dating app complaints like Ghosting and swiping frustrate me

Match today is introducing new features that aim to address some of users’ complaints with modern-day dating apps — like how much time it takes to find a relevant match and how frustrating it is when users ghost one another after the initial conversation fades. The company will be beta-testing a system known as “Matched by Us” to position Match better for emotionally mature singles. This could open the door for future services that can match people. The company is also testing an anti-ghosting feature which forces users to continue conversations or unmatch recipients instead of leaving them hanging.

These features were created to meet the needs of Match’s senior population. The majority of Match users are in their 30s or older and live full-time. These users are generally looking to settle down and find a relationship. This is a completely different phase from those who use other Match apps like Tinder. Younger users tend to be more open-minded and are happy going on casual dates.

Match’s chief product officers Dushyant Saraph and Dushyant Saraph say that they hear frustration from their members about swiping and messaging. When we look at people on Match’s product who aren’t able to spend a lot of time and don’t have the resources, this is where “Matched by Us” came from. He says that singles are not interested in scouring through hundreds of profiles.

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This new feature is available for both paid and free users. It will offer one free personalized match each week. Users can view and interact with each other without waiting to receive a “like” from the other.

It uses algorithmic analysis to determine compatible matches. This is based upon responses to queries in Match bios.

Questions may include questions about the user’s five-year plans and favorite weekend activities. Users might also be asked if they are open to changing their location if they meet the right person. Saraph says that remote work has made this more relevant due to the recent pandemic.

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The system currently recommends matches based upon a comprehensive view of user preferences as determined by an algorithm. However, the company is internally testing the addition of human curation.

Match, in other words is testing a matchmaking service.

Saraph states that for the moment, Match’s human curation team is more focused on R&D.

He says, “We have been trying to figure out how many experts are needed as we test different concepts — anything from expert picks and coaching, right through to human curation.” Other features are also being worked on by the team, such as suggesting conversation starters that will keep people talking.

Long-term, we plan to be flexible, depending upon which product is most appealing to our members. We will also scale up our experts accordingly. Saraph says that human curation is an area we are really passionate about right now and that we want to break. She hopes you will hear more in the months ahead.

Match’s new features will help adults stop wasting their time on dating apps. Conversations can either start leading to real-world relationships or fade away until there is no communication at all. Sometimes the conversation ends in a dead end with no response.

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Match users told Match their biggest problem with ghosting was the uncertainty surrounding what it meant.

Was the user simply distracted or was it that they decided they were not interested in anything? users wonder.

The new feature will alert users whenever a conversation is nearing “expire”, which is when it will be archived in a new section in the inbox. This is to help keep momentum alive.

If you’re in the app you can either visit the conversation and get ideas for conversation starters or tap the button to remove the user from the list. This would be a clearer signal to the recipient of a lack in interest. However, it will not actually send the user a notification telling them they have been unmatched. (That can sometimes lead to safety issues, particularly for women who have received threats from men they’ve rejected.)

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Match claims it is currently testing how long it takes for users to decide whether to end their conversation with unmatch or reengage. Saraph states that the ideal time is in the 3- to 5-day range.

As Match launches a brand new campaign for adult dating, the new features will be available to a small portion of its U.S. users in beta. Match is attempting to show that it understands the needs of modern singles and that they are seeking out these new features in order for them to be successful with their dating journey.

Over the coming months, beta testing will begin on all Match platforms including iOS, Android and mobile web.

This news comes after a mixed earnings report by Match Group, the giant dating app. It owns many top brands like Match, Tinder and OkCupid. With 15 million customers paying for its services across all brands in the company’s second quarter, the company experienced the effects of the pandemic recovery, up from 13 millions in the previous quarter. Analyst projections for revenue of $694 million were exceeded by $707.8million. But Match Group missed on earnings, with net income of $140.9 million, or 46 cents a share, when analysts expected 49 cents per share.

Also, the company spoke about plans to acquire Hyperconnect (a social network app company that Match purchased earlier in the year for $1.73billion). Match Group said it plans to add audio and video chat, including live video, to its dating brand portfolio.

According to Saraph, Match’s dating app will be one of the ones that benefits from Hyperconnect integrations. Match also plans to “build out live experiences”, which is something they expect to do around 2022.

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