PS Plus NEWS: Sony updates and offers a great deal for PS4 gamers

Sony shared some big updates in this month’s newsletter, reflecting on the turbulent year that left many consumers without a choice but to purchase next-gen consoles.

According to Sony PlayStation’s latest information, PS Plus subscribers have dropped by more than 1 million compared with the previous two quarters.

This means that the Q1 financial results confirm a temporary dip which covers March through June 30,

Sony announced a 46.3 million total PS Plus subscribers, an increase of 1.3 million over the previous year. This raises questions about what’s happening.

Sony PlayStation had their own thoughts on the matter. They highlighted how the decline in monthly active users reflects what’s happened over the last 12 months.

HirokiTotoki, Sony’s chief financial officers, shared the following statement with investors during the Sony earnings conference:

It is a decline trend, even though 104m may not seem like a large number.

We don’t believe so. While we are trying to analyze different elements, there is no clear trend that we are able to capture.

“Maybe next month, or this month,” we’ll have to keep an eye on the situation and perform analysis.

Although this may seem negative, Totoki has added that subscribers could benefit from this outcome.

He said that there were plans to improve the PlayStation platform and added:

At the risk of repeating myself, I would like to say that the increase in stay-at home demand last year was significant in hindsight. This is compared with the period last year (which represents a decline). There is an increase in fiscal 2019.

“So we will continue to monitor the situation and will intensify engagement. We will also enhance the platform. Therefore, during the next fiscal year, we will support this business.”

Although this doesn’t necessarily mean the PlayStation Plus subscription will change in the next months, it is good news for anyone hoping to get more exciting titles in the future.

Below is the current list of August PS Plus games that are available for download. They will remain up until September 6.

Hunter’s Arena Legends

Hunter’s Arena will be coming to PlayStation Plus, both for PS4 and PS5. This was announced at State of Play. This 30-player PvP & PvE battle royale*, which is based on combat-based PvE battle royale, will be available to PlayStation Plus for both PS4 and PS5.

Plants vs. Zombies: The Battle for Neighborville

EA’s team shooter is back. Get ready for Plants vs. Zombies’ next high-stakes installment. The tension is expanding beyond Neighborville to new areas of social and open-air freedom in gaming’s most contested cityship. You can choose from 20 customizable character classes and improve your game as you win on the battlefield.

Tennis World Tour 2

You can play for pleasure or you can take up Ranked mode in order to improve your skills. You can manage your season and staff as well your equipment, sponsors, and even your sponsoring. You can also play with friends online* or locally in singles and doubles. No matter what mode you select, you will experience dynamic, realistic, and precise gameplay that places you at the center of legendary rallies.

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