Rocket League Season 4 release date and start time news.

Rocket League Season 4 release date and start time news.

Rocket League Season 4 release date and start time news.

Rocket League Season 4’s major update this week will feature a brand new Arena along with the usual Battle Pass and background fix.

Deadeye Canyon is the most dusty Arena to date and fits perfectly with the Wild West theme for the Rocket Pass.

The Rocket Pass Premium Package, which includes the Outlaw car and the Rocket Pass Premium package is the best prize.

Outlaw is a Rocket Pass member that offers 70+ Tiers and can be used to boost steal and demon hunt.

Psyonix confirmed that the Rocket League Season 4 Pass includes the No-Name Topper and Tanker Wheels as well as Amikoo Decal and Lava Boost.

Rocket Pass Premium owners receive an XP bonus and weekly and season challenges.

Psyonix claims that they’re expanding tournaments in order to accommodate 2v2 as well as Extra Mode players, and to provide new rewards for unlocking.

Gamers also have the option to look forward 2v2 Heatseeker being featured LTM in Season 4. Speed Demon will replace it on August 19.

Speed Demon is a combination of mutators and Boomer Ball’s speed, with no wild bounces. It also features demos on contact and a quick respawn timer.

Spring Loaded, a Rumble variation that currently offers a mutator option for Private Matches will be included in the LTM mix as well. It is expected to arrive later in the month.


Rocket League Season 4 is confirmed by Developers Psyonix. It will begin at 4pm BST Wednesday August 11th.

Rocket League players must first download the August 10 update.

You can download this document starting Tuesday at 4 PM PDT. It contains everything you need to launch Rocket League Season 4.

Psyonix also confirms that Competitive Season 3 will end at 7:30am PDT (22:30 p.m. ET) on August 11th. Competitive Rewards will begin after Season 4.

Here are some other changes and features that will be available for Season 4.

Restrictions on party rank for undersized parties

Players who queue up in Ranked playlists for an undersized party (a group of 2 players playing Competitive 3v3 Standard or two players participating in a 3v3 Standard Tournament) must be within 3 Ranks to each other to get in the queue. Matchmaking is used to find a third member of a team. They will then join the team with roughly the same rank as their colleagues. If one of the party members is Platinum 2, and the other is Diamond 3, (a gap between four Ranks), then they won’t be allowed to queue up in 3v3 standard.

Improved Casual Matches

It can be annoying for teammates to leave Casual Matches too early. We are taking steps towards improving the process. We’ve updated Casual Matches to allow for forfeiture. The Casual Match will be ended as if it was a competitive match if all the players vote to concede. We’ve also added the ability to concede and will be banning matchmaking for casual players. Players who only leave casual matches occasionally will not be penalized for leaving one Casual match each day.

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