Rumors kill on why Bray Wyatt hasn’t been in WWE After Wrestlemania and when he was supposed to return – News


Many rumors were false about Bray Wyatt’s departure from WWE after this year’s Wrestlemania.

There have been persistent rumors over the past few months that Bray Wyatt isn’t on WWE TV since Wrestlemania because of “mental health problems.” Now we know this is not true.

Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful reports that Bray Wyatt had family engagements keeping him away from WWE in both May and June and that the reports of mental health issues were falsely reported.

SRS confirms that Bray Wyatt has been cleared to wrestle, and he could do so tonight. Wyatt’s most recent tweet suggests that he is eager to reinvent the “The Fiend” character in another country within the next few months.

Bray Wyatt had originally been scheduled to appear in WWE RAW tonight at Orlando

Bray Wyatt would have been able to make a tentative return to RAW in Orlando tonight if he had not been released from jail last weekend. He will now have to wait for his non-compete clause of 90 days before he can move on to his next destination.

Sapp reported during his absence from WWE that Wyatt had been “creative elements added to his character” to prepare for his return to RAW. According to the theory, Wyatt could use any ideas he has going forward as a new name in later years.

Although Bray Wyatt is not yet certain about his post-WWE plans, his tweet from last week clearly shows that he still loves professional wrestling. Wyatt’s next destination is unknown, but you can rest assured that his loyal following will be there.

Rumors kill on why Bray Wyatt hasn't been in WWE
After Wrestlemania and when he was supposed to return - News

How do you feel about this Bray Wyatt rumor-killer? What would Wyatt’s role as “The Fiend”, post-WWE, look like? We’d love to hear your opinions in the comments below.

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