The AA advises drivers not to believe speed camera myths How they work

The speed camera records a vehicle’s speed using radar technology or detectors on the roads. Depending on which type of camera, The camera will take a digital picture if it detects speeding and capture the vehicle’s type, colour and registration plates.

A speeding ticket is a fine of PS100, and the average driver will receive three points to their license.

It could go higher depending on the speed of your car and certain motorists may even be summoned to court.

You could get a speed awareness class instead of penal points if it is a first offense.

According to the Department of Transport, all speed cameras would be yellowed by October 2016.

Gatso cameras have a rear view so that the flash does not dazzle drivers. It lights up cars and plates as well as the white lines on the roads in front.

Truvelo Combi speed cameras face forward and utilize infrared technology rather than flashes.

Truvelo D-Cam, an upgrade to the Truvelo Combi that uses similar technology and is both front-facing and rear-facing, is now available.

HADECS cameras are used mainly on smart motorways. They record up to five lanes and capture vehicles with vehicle location, lane identification and vehicle position.

Instead of using flash, average speed cameras record your speed at 2 points.

Automatic Number Plate Reading (ANPR), which is used by the SPECS camera, records drivers at least 200m apart from a series of cameras.

The cameras can calculate the vehicle’s average speed and send a penalty to the registered address using the ANPR program.

The Siemens SafeZone is another average speed camera that’s primarily used in cities and towns. And the SpeedSpike, which can be integrated into a network with up to 1000 cameras, is also available.

Radar is used to record speeding drivers and monitor violations of traffic lights.

SpeedCurbs are usually mounted high. The REDFLEXred is used to monitor traffic lights and the REDFLEXspeed can monitor up to six lanes on a motorway.

Long Ranger’s mobile speed cameras are the final one, which capture speeding motorists from just one kilometre.

It can be used to record drivers who are not wearing their seatbelts or people driving while using the phone.

The future of speed cameras will be smarter, and they could catch more crimes on the roads.

Smart motorways speed cameras now catch drivers using lanes marked with an X and may soon capture those who are texting.

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