The Top 10 Most Exciting Locations for Adventure in Holidays
Staycation in the summer

The Top 10 Most Exciting Locations for Adventure in Holidays Staycation in the summer

The Top 10 Most Exciting Locations for Adventure in Holidays
Staycation in the summer

Staycations are not a synonym for boredom. An adrenaline-fueled holiday does not have to be in another country. For adrenaline-hungry travelers looking for a place to call home this summer, the UK has many great experiences.

Neuro Linguistic Programming Psychologist Rebecca Lockwood said to Red Letter Days that “adrenaline-inducing activity attracts people because it’s a thrill which takes them away from their usual day-to-day routine.”

The thrill-seekers of will love to know that their adventure spirit is good for the body.

Rebecca Lockwood stated: “The physical and mental health benefits of adrenaline-inducing activities and adventures can be substantial in daily life.”

Her next statement was: “Taking the time to step out of your comfort zone and grounding yourself can have huge benefits for your mental health.” Pushing yourself […] can have huge advantages for your mental health and provide space for mindfulness !”

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A summer adventure vacation could prove to be good for your body and health. With so many activities available all across the UK there is no reason not to take part.

Yorkshire boasts 69 adventure and adrenaline-filled spots.

Yorkshire’s number-one experience? Car racing. Visitors who don’t want to be Formula 1 stars can still enjoy tandem skydiving at 15,000ft.

Kent offers indoor skydiving as well as off-road driving. You can opt for a sunrise hot air balloon ride, or even a helicopter flight.


This summer’s staycation offers holidaymakers the opportunity to go supercar driving through Essex, or take a flight in an aerobat in modern Surrey.

The country has a wide range of adventure opportunities.

A bungee jump in Cheshire with 300ft of freefall will delight thrill-seekers. However, a scuba diving experience in Hampshire might surprise more Britons.

While far-flung destinations may not be in the plans this year, there are still exciting opportunities all across the UK.

With the many health benefits that adventure brings, there’s another reason to plan a staycation or take off from a flight somewhere in the United States.

Red Letter Days’ Director of Buying Tom Redpath stated: “It is about time that we showed people the UK’s true potential by outlining all our exciting and crazy activities right here at home.”

He said, “We hope that this encourages people to explore new experiences.” There are many experiences to suit everyone, solo or in groups. They all have one thing in common: making unforgettable memories together span>

The UK’s 10 Top Adventure & Adrenaline Destinations

1. Yorkshire


3. Essex


5. Sussex

6. Herefordshire

7. Cheshire


10. Cambridgeshire

10. Lancashire

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