Theory of the Winds of Winter

Theory of the Winds of Winter: Lady Stoneheart will resurrect Jon Snow

Theory of the Winds of Winter

While George RR Martin’s Winds of Winter has yet to be released, fandom is exploring many theories. The final moments of the fifth book in the series, A Dance With Dragons, detailed Jon Snow being murdered by the mutineers of the Night’s Watch. Later, Game of Thrones’ HBO television show showed Jon Snow being revived by Melisandre. This event could have been translated in different ways.

Melisandre is able to bring Jon Snow back. However, Melisandre isn’t the only A Song of Ice and Fire character who can do that.

Catelyn Stark could bring Jon back instead.

Catelyn and her son Robb Stark were killed in A Storm of Swords at The Red Wedding.

However, the Stark matriarch has made her return as Lady Stoneheart. She is now a member of the Brotherhood Without Banners.

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Thoros of Myr is also included in this group. He was the priest that brought Catelyn from the grave.

Jon and Catelyn had always been in a very difficult relationship.

Jon Stark was Ned Stark’s child, who he brought home from war.

Jon is, however, the rightful king, as his lineage is a mix of Stark and Targaryen.

Although Winds of Winter is not yet on shelves, Martin has recently mentioned how far behind he was in writing them.

The author of the series posted on his blog site earlier this year where he gave his fans an update on his progress.

His words were:

I was even late for a book, but I don’t remember which one.

Martin said, “However, it became a blog over time, and I was trying to keep in touch with my readers as an occasional pleasure, as well as a means of staying in touch with them. This happened ironically at the exact same moment that everyone abandoned their blogs for Facebook or Twitter. It has also given me a sense obligated.”

“And because so much happens at a rapid pace, I get further and farther behind. Right now, I’m very far behind.

The prospect of trying and catch up to others is becoming increasingly overwhelming. These past months have seen my life become a series of extremes.”

There is no release date for The Winds of Winter.


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