Turner Motorsport will receive four BMW M4 GT3 race cars Season 2022

BMW Motorsport will introduce a brand new race car in 2022. BMW M4 GT3 has completed its testing and is expected to be in the hands of customers soon. Turner Motorsport was one of the initial teams to sign up for the M4 GT3. American-based Turner Motorsport plans to host an IMSA WeatherTech SportsCar Championship next year and a Fanatec GT World Challenge America campaign. Turner currently runs the M6 GT3 and has enjoyed great success over the past few years.

Will Turner, team boss, placed an order for four units, which will be delivered by the end of this year. The M4 GT3 will be able to go straight after the M6 GT3 race cars, which took Turner some time. BMW is currently testing the M4 GT3 extensively in 2021. We will see the car for the first-time this week at Monterey.


BMW M4 GT3 was to race its maiden race at Nurburgring’s 24-hour endurance race. It would have been a significant moment for BMW. Unfortunately, however, the car crashed during final testing ahead of race. Engineers couldn’t fix it overnight. The car made its official debut in SRO testing a few days after the race at Spa Francorchamps.

BMW M4 GT3, BMW Driving Academy, Maisach. 23.04.2021
©Martin Hangen/hangenfoto

Built on the foundations of BMW M4 Competition, the new race car will be built. It has already completed over 14,000 kilometers of testing since its beginnings in testing last year. It was designed to reduce maintenance and life-cycle costs by significantly reducing the M4 GT3’s predecessor. The M4 GT3 also has some notable differences to the BMW M6 GT3. It is now 45 millimeters wider, 6 millimeters shorter and 16 millimeters taller than its predecessor, the BMW M6 GT3.

However, the biggest changes are under the hood. The old M6 GT3 had a 4.4-liter V8 P63 with 580 HP. However, the M4 GT3 has a P58 straight six turbocharged 3-liter engine that produces up to 590 horsepower. This engine is 40 kg lighter than its predecessor, and features many improvements over the S58 engine that it was based upon.

BMW M4 GT3, BMW Driving Academy, Maisach. 23.04.2021
©Martin Hangen/hangenfoto

The installation angle, dry sump, oil tank engine-mounted with integrated oil/water Exchanger, intake system split with two throttle valves and charge cycle split with the charge cycle, and exhaust system split with the charge cycle. Engine mount adaptable to GT3, rear vibration dampers.

The BMW M4 GT3 starts at EUR 415,000 net. This is EUR 4,000 more than its predecessor, and comparable to its competitors. An optional “Competition Package”, available at an extra charge, is also available. __S.29__

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