Warzone Season 5: Release date and time for the Call of Duty Cold War Update?

Warzone season 5 is launching soon, with a whole load of new content heading to the hit free-to-play shooter as well as Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War. Double Agent multiplayer mode will be the biggest addition to the Call of Duty update. Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War’s Among Us mode allows players to secretly take on the role of sabotaging missions.

The remaining players must work together in order to find the Double Agents and get rid of them before they are taken out.

The upcoming season 5 update to the game will include four new weapons, which will be made available in Warzone as well as Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War.

They include the TEC-9 SMG and EM2 assault rifles, as well as Marshal secondary weapons and Cane melee weapons.

Warzone players also get a new Battle Pass and three operators, Kitsune Stryker, Hudson, and Hudson.

A mysterious Warzone mid-season event, The Numbers will be held for Warzone Season 5.

COD and HTML3_ Fans who are looking forward to the major update have just a few more days.

Activision confirmed the Thursday, August 12, release of Warzone and Call of Duty Cold War Season 5 Update.

Although a release date has not been announced yet, based on past releases we know when Call of Duty Warzone Season 5 Patch will drop.

*Warzone Season 5 Update Release Date and TimeWednesday, August 11, 2009 at 9:00 pacific Time

*Warzone Season 5 Update Release Date and TimeThursday, August 12, at 12:00 Eastern Time

*Warzone Season 5 Update Release Date and TimeThursday, August 12, at 5:05 AM BST

*Warzone Season 5 Update Release Date and TimeThursday, August 12, at 6 AM CEST

Activision’s response to the Call of Duty major update is as follows: “There’s an agent spying in our ranks, and there’s also a Verdansk numbers game. Season Five’s offering of free content includes a first-in-the-franchise Double Agent mode in Multiplayer alongside new and classic Black Ops maps, in addition to new Zombies content and new Perks in Warzone that are set to shift the meta and more.”

The Call of Duty developers spoke out about the Double Agent mode. “The new Double Agent mod infiltrates Season Five. Each match is assigned Double Agents, who are there for the purpose of sabotage. To win, communicate, investigate and expose traitors or to successfully eliminate the investigating team

It starts with up 10 players in the lobby, who each have one of three roles.

Double Agents are those who either have to eliminate all others or set off explosive charges across the globe.

The Investigator is able to use clues and target double agents as wanted criminals.

Operatives that must collaborate to eliminate Double Agents as soon as possible

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