You can become a Popstar Legend in Burn or Monster in Burn 2022 S


  • Burn is an interactive single-player story with 16 endings. Can you make pop music more popular? Start a cult? You can become a monster. You decide.
  • Convict Games is the creators ofStoneA team of filmmakers and game developers who have collaborated on films such as “Gravity,” “Prometheus,” or “World War Z.”
  • Burn is an original story that explores the limits of what artists will go to create art.

Xbox Fans, it’s nice to be back. In January 2020 we announced Stone. Greg Louden, Convict Games is here with me to discuss Burn. Burn was our goal to make a game everyone could play at least once. It’s also one of the most interactive stories we have ever created. Since the COVID lockdown began, Burn has been in development. We are utilizing our love for stories about the music industry and pop stars as well as classic cinema and body horror. Burn is an exploration of the limits and costs involved in creating art.

Burn is a story about Nina Burn who is a Finnish pop singer. It covers 3 acts, starting at 16 and ending at 24. The climax comes at 27. Burn interactive story that changes with every replay depending on the dialogue you choose. You can change Nina’s voice, dialogue and musical score. This will result in 16 possible endings that are either Good, Bad, or Ugly.


Another thing that Burn has is the fact you never hear Nina’s music and how the world worships it. We’re instead creating a multi-musical genre soundtrack to Nina’s tale by Joonas Turner, the creator of Tormentor X Punisher, as well as audio from Noita and Nuclear Throne. It is possible to unlock new genres of music by shuffle-ing the story. This includes hip hop, dark metal, techno and black metal. Once you unlock all musical genres, it is possible to choose the music score that will be used in future replays.

Burn is a similar feature to our debut stone. It also includes an open map with a drive-in cinema that features full-length-public domain classic movies to be shown ahead.


Convict Games is an Australian remote story-game company that tells high-impact alternative stories, starting with Stone and Burn. Convict was established by Sarah, my co-founder on July 5, 2017. Our motto is “Breaking Free Since 2017”. This means that we are trying to create something new with our stories and not follow other people. My personal roles include Quantum Break and Control. Burn, Convict Games are my opportunities to try new stories and experiment with them.

Keep watching and following us to get more details. This isBurnWe’re Convict Games.

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