Back 4 Blood beta release COUNTDOWN – PS4 and Xbox launch times news

Back 4 Blood beta release COUNTDOWN – PS4 and Xbox launch times news

This week, the Back 4 Blood beta will begin. It allows gamers from all three platforms to come together and fight waves of undead.

Closed beta generated a lot of buzz about the game. It was created by the same people who made Left 4 Dead.

For those tired of playing in Warzone Quads and Rocket League, there is a fresh challenge for you this week.

Back 4 Blood promises replayability as well as an exciting encounter. It will be released in full on October 20, 2121.

The development team is still trying to find bugs and ensure crossplay runs as smooth as possible.

To make sure that everything runs smoothly, it is a good idea to have as many people at your servers as you can.

This week’s Back 4 Blood beta will focus on this topic. It will also be a great opportunity to test the FPS, before it comes later in the week.


Turtle Rock Studios confirmed the Back 4 Blood beta launch time for Thursday August 12th at 8PM BST.

You can download the preload today to get the game. This allows you to immediately jump in to the beta when it opens later this week.

Note that Back 4 Blood will also be available in North America starting at 12:00pm the same day.

Expect the new beta to have the exact same content that the earlier version which went live earlier in the month.

It will make the experience more enjoyable for everyone with a compatible device that can play the game.

According to Back 4 Blood, console gamers won’t have to worry at all about Xbox Live and PS Plus subscriptions.

Turtle Rock discussed the issue and assured gamers that spending less money will not be a barrier.

“In pvp everyone who purchased 4 blood can have access to any additional pvp content even if they don’t purchase content drops.

Players who do not buy content can still earn playable characters, and ride in pvp for free through advancement.

“Also, all players in pvp have the same access cards at each start, regardless of whether they have bought content drops.

We hope that this will answer some of your questions regarding what we are doing to ensure there isn’t pay-to win or community separation.

We are still focused on Back 4 Blood, but we will provide additional information about post-launch content.

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