Boris Johnson urges holidaymakers to "pay" as much as they can afford.
After updating the list, you can travel

Boris Johnson urges holidaymakers to “pay” as much as they can afford. After updating the list, you can travel

The WTTC stated that international travel may now be in danger due to the high cost of PCR testing. Experts across the board are pointing out that many Brits may not be able to travel overseas due to rising travel costs.

The WTTC is now calling on the Government for financial support.

Virginia Messina is the WTTC’s acting chief executive. She stated that for many, the prohibitive added cost of unnecessary PCR tests can make the difference in being able or not to travel.

WTTC believes that the tests are unnecessary not only for full-jabbed Britons but also stop international travel from reviving.

Over the past weeks, the price of PCR testing has been the subject of headlines. Even the government seems concerned.

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Sajid Javid, the health secretary, asked the Competition and Markets Authority to investigate excessive pricing and exploitative practices at some PCR companies.

With an average price of PS75, the UK’s PCR test is one of the most expensive in Europe.

Many travellers will pay much more than this.

This is due to the 20% VAT, but some PCR testing firms could also take advantage of Britain’s desire for international travel.


Virginia Messina, WTTC and WTTC think that the struggles of the tourism industry are partially due to PCR tests.

She stated: “It is clear that many British adults can’t afford travel abroad at all, if they have the to pay for excessive PCR testing.”

She continued, “Affordable antigen testing, and PCR tests for travellers who test positive will keep travelers safe, while making it possible to take a vacation overseas more affordable.”

Henry Smith (MP for Crawley) has echoed the calls for mandatory PCR testing to be ended. He said last week that he believes there should be an “extended green list” with rapid antigen testing.

However, the Government is not ready to abandon PCR testing for travel overseas.

Although Transport Secretary Grant Shapps said last week to Sky News that Spain’s PCR testing were optional, he still recommends them.

He stated that if you are given the option between multiple tests, the PCR ones will be the most helpful.

It is precisely because PCR tests are so useful to the Government that the WTTC calls for their payment.

Virginia Messina said: “If the Government wants extra information for Genomic sequencing – they should pay for it.”

The WTTC thinks that imposing the cost of genome sequencing on UK travelers won’t be a good idea for the travel industry.

She continued, “If they (the Government) don’t pay then consumers will vote with both their feet, and stop international travel entirely, further harming the already fragile UK tourism industry.”

Many Britons are choosing to staycations in the summer, as international travel is slow to resume.

It remains to be seen if overseas travel will pick up before the end.

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