British Sea Power dropped the ‘British” in its name and people are furious ‘Pathetic.

British Sea Power dropped the 'British" in its name and people are furious 'Pathetic.

The indie group, British Sea Power for over 20 years, will now be simply called Sea Power. They have decided to remove the “British” from their names. They don’t wish to be confused with isolationist, antagonistic nationalism.

Since 2000, when Sea Power was founded by Neil Wilkinson and Scott Wilkinson, it has been called British Sea Power.

On Monday, the band revealed that their new name was “after deep reflection and soul-searching”.

It was simply written: “Goodbye British Sea Power.” Hello Sea Power.”

They stated that their initial name was “coming to feel constricting like an old legacy we were carrying with ourselves”.

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The band members said that “Britain no longer controlled the oceans when we first came up with our original name.” It was intended to be witty humor.

The idea of British maritime power was obsolete in historical terms. Now it was just the name for a rock band

Then they added, “Now, twenty years later, are we recasting our name.” Recent times have seen a rise of a particular kind of nationalism around the world. It is an antagonistic, isolationist nationalism we do not want to be confused with.

They stated that they want to disengage themselves from “waves of crass nationalalism”, and they are aiming to become an “internationalist group”.

One of their songs, “Waving flags”, is cited by them as an “anthem to paneuropean ideallism”.

Their decision to change their names seems to be a way to distance themselves from Britain, but they wanted to emphasize: “We want to clarify that the removal of the word “British” does not indicate an aversion towards the British Isles.

We all consider ourselves extremely fortunate to have been raised in these islands.

Some fans weren’t happy with the name changes, and one wrote: “Pathetic!”

Twuiter posted one: “I don’t understand this.” Is it offensive or isolating for the British Sea Power to be called that? This is creating an issue when music and politics shouldn’t be mixed together. “I don’t think the Japanese or Portishead bands should be associated with their geographic namesake.”

One person suggested that @SeaPowerBand might be renamed Globalist Sea Power. Seriously, though: British Sea Power has ended the Transatlantic Slave Trade. Now, why would any band wish to disengage from this?”

Fourth question: “Which raises the question.. why are you British Sea Power?”


However, not everyone was in agreement. One user on Twitter said that British Sea Power was jingoist. Do not be an idiot. “

Brothers who formed the band were raised in Cumbria. __S.34__ These lands are dear to us.

We all live in the British Isles but are no longer considered Sea Power.

Sea Power claims that they hope no one is offended by the changes.

They have completely changed their website and Twitter names.

They relaunched a Twitter account @SeaPowerBand and closed their previous one @BSPOfficial.

The website is also being relaunched and now goes by the name

The release of “Two Fingers”, a brand new track, completes their rebranding.

Sea Power stated that “Twenty-years after their inception Sea Power sail forth, without any national flag or convenience.”

“The name of the new band is an act of modest separation from the current wave of crass nationalalism in our world.”

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