Car tax: A third of London ULEZ Scrap payouts are given to car owners Even with the upcoming price rise

Car tax: A third of London ULEZ Scrap payouts are given to car owners
Even with the upcoming price rise

On a first-come basis, grants of PS2,000 to cars and PS1,000 for mopeds or motorbikes will be offered. TfL plans to increase car taxes as part of its Ultra-Low-Emissions Zone (ULEZ), in order to reduce pollution.

TfL spokesperson said that some applicants didn’t claim money right away, leading to a delay of nearly 1,300 cases.

The 16,089 requests for grants to Londoners encouraging them to get rid of non-compliant vehicles, mopeds and motorbikes were also accepted.

Over half the applicants were rejected due to insufficient evidence regarding ineligible cars.

Around PS9.3 million was paid out in various scrappage grants. This has removed approximately 10,000 vehicles from the roads.

TfL believes that 100,000 vehicles are currently in the area on an average daily basis and will have to pay the 24-hour levy.

Additional 35,000 vans, 3,000 lorries and additional payments will be required.

The ULEZ regulations will only apply to diesel vehicles that were registered after 2015, and not petrol vehicles from 2005.

Peter Fortune, the deputy leader of Greater London Authority Conservatives, criticized Sadiq Khan.

He stated that the Mayor’s inability to adequately fund TfL scrappage programs is undermining capital’s efforts to combat air pollution.

The UK is seeing low emission zones becoming more popular. Many cities are considering adopting one.

Bath and Birmingham have both clean air zones. Portsmouth will start charging in the latter part of 2021.

To reduce pollution, the Government has also suggested that a type of low-emission zone could be installed on certain motorways.

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