Christian McCaffrey, Derrick Henry, Dalvin Cook, or Alvin
Kamara: What top-tier RB should be No. Kamara: Which top-tier RB should go No.
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Christian McCaffrey, Derrick Henry, Dalvin Cook, or Alvin Kamara: What top-tier RB should be No. Kamara: Which top-tier RB should go No. Do you have drafts?

Christian McCaffrey and Derrick Henry both merit consideration as No. The No. 1 pick in fantasy football league drafts standard-league is Christian McCaffrey. McCaffrey is the clear winner in PPR. Alvin Kamara and Dalvin Cook are both included. McCaffrey was the standard top-dog in McCaffrey’s ’19, and Henry finished comfortably in the top ’20. Both are top-tier dogs, but they make their livings in different ways. Fantasy owners may have a hard time deciding who should be the top RB ranking on their cheat sheets for 2021.

We’ll be comparing the two, plus Kamara and Cook, and explaining what makes them stand out from the rest. Although it’s difficult to tell the difference, you will need to make the right decision when the No. You’ll need to make that crucial choice.

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Who should be the No. Christian McCaffrey and Derrick Henry should be the No. 1 overall pick in Fantasy Drafts.

McCaffrey’s case

McCaffrey, in 2019, was the RB1 for both PPR and standard formats. He netting theSecond-best season for PPR by a RB in NFL History (471.2 fantasy points).Four. Seven. Seven.He scored 355.2 fantasy points in standard leagues. This is nearly four more than No. 2, Derrick Henry. 2, Derrick Henry. He will have the efficiency, but Carolina feeds him with rock. He accumulated 403 touches in ’19 (25.19/game) and more than 2,300 yards at scrimmage.

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This year, the Panthers have Sam Darnold at their center. How do you define Sam Darnold’s performance? Bad quarterback play. Bad quarterbacks are able to complete easy tasks. Running back targets. McCaffrey not only is a top dump-off target but also serves as a focal point of the passing offense with specific plays written for him every day.

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McCaffrey’s case

McCaffrey suffered from high-ankle and shoulder strains last season that limited him to three games. This could be a hint that the Panthers might ease McCaffrey’s hand a little. This seems to be the case, especially in the first half of the season. The Panthers have a strong WR corps which could mean that there are more receivers. The dump-down frequency could see a dip as a result of a domino effect.

Carolina made certain to resolve the running back backup situation following the departure Mike Davis. They selected Chuba Hubbard, a highly productive college running back from Oklahoma State in the fourth round. We aren’t suggesting that Hubbard poses a threat for CMC’s job. However, Carolina may be able to stretch him more to save some bruises. McCaffrey would benefit from a lighter workload to help him adjust after an injurious season. McCaffrey is still a top option for the job, even if this is the case. We might be able to see 2021 more games that have borderline 20 touches than those with 30.

Running back

Henry’s case

Can you think of any running back that has had a greater effect on the NFL’s winning percentage than Henry? It would be difficult to argue otherwise. Simply put, Henry has an unmatched command of the running backs. Despite having a lackluster number of targets last year (31 — 38th among running backs), Henry ranked fourth among running backs in opportunity share (percentage of a team’s total running back carries plus targets), via

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Henry will get the ball quickly and often (he had 378 runs in 20). Henry heats up at the right time for fantasy teams. This is one of his best qualities. He averaged just 3.9 yards per carry in September. He improves as the seasons get colder and his defenses become weaker. He was averaging 5.9 yards per carry in December. This is a theme that has been consistent throughout his career, and was certainly evident during his 2000-yard rush season. He doesn’t have the same history of injuries as other premier backs. Think McCaffrey and Dalvin Cook or Saquon Barkley. Since he was the Tennessee full-time starter, he has missed one game.

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Henry is in the dock

Henry’s lack of opportunities and skills in receiving is the obvious problem. Yes, we’re not discussing PPR here (for the record, we have him ranked fifth overall in full-point PPR formats), but his non-existent receiving role leaves extra yards on the table. He would be the obvious choice to replace No. All formats. To claim No. 1, he must possess a strong grip on the running title. He will be awarded the No. 1 vote once more. He can do it. But he must continue playing at the highest level to achieve it. Is he able to continue doing that? And when is the injury monster going to finally show its ugly face after the 681 losses of the last two seasons.

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Our rankings have Henry as our No. Henry is the standard-league’s No. 1 RB. Although the case against Henry raises concerns about Henry’s future fantasy prospects and presents certain obstacles, how can we expect him to slow down or become injured? Although Henry has had a lot of work in the last two seasons, it’s been mainly his role as the primary offense worker. __S.83__ He’s still not ready to go. He’s also 6-3 and 247 pounds. This size may require more pounding.

With McCaffrey’s injury concern and size (5-11, 205 pounds), he might not see quite as much work as his unbelievable 2019. Henry has no doubts about his workload. It is unlikely that another Titans running back will be able to carry a significant number of carries. McCaffrey’s injury-plagued year can we be confident that McCaffrey will not be a runner? McCaffrey wins PPR. Roll with King Henry for standard.


Is there any other running back worthy of No. Are there any other RBs worthy of the No.

Dalvin Cook

Cook should be considered for the No. Cook is certainly a consideration for the No. In the past, he has held down the No. 1 slot. He has missed 21 out of 64 games during his career. Although he has missed four of the 64 games the last two years, it is difficult to draft him as No. 1 because of his injury concerns and 44 receiving numbers (44 catch). He’s 1 ahead of McCaffrey and Henry in PPR.

Alvin Kamara

In 2021, there will be lots of changes in New Orleans’ offense. Kamara, who is out indefinitely due to an ankle injury and publicly feuding against the Saints, could lead the Saints’ in receiving yards and receptions. Kamara could join the 1,000/1,000 club in receiving and rushing. The Saints offense might be sloppy. His fantasy production may be affected if the offense stagnates. Bad offenses mean fewer scoring chances and more packed boxes. McCaffrey is McCaffrey’s No. 1 pick in PPR. He is considered the No. 1 pick after receiving at least 81 passes over all seasons. However, his efficiency and overall performance make it difficult to see him occupying that top spot.

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