Facebook Messenger: How to Use Soundmojis

One picture can tell a thousand words.

In July, Facebook Messenger introduced “soundmojis”: Emojis that play a sound when you send them within Messenger. Facebook has given 30 different sounds to emojis by its sound design team. For example, you can send an emoji that has hands clapping and get real uproarious applause.

Others soundmojis are associated with pop culture sound clips. To ask Billie Eilish: “Stop. You are talking about what the heck? This is far more damaging than the red octagon.

For now, Soundmojis can only be used in Facebook Messenger. However, Facebook owns WhatsApp and Instagram, and has already been integrating the backends of the messaging platforms, and allowing for inter-platform messaging between Facebook and Instagram. It’s likely that you will see more noisy emojis over time.

How to use soundmojis

1. Allow Facebook Messenger to access your microphone settings. Go to Settings on iPhones. Scroll down until you see the Messenger app. Turn the Microphone setting to “On”.

2. 2.) Open a conversation in Facebook Messenger

3. Click the smiley face icon at the top of the page.

4. The lower portion of the app will open with four tabs. The speaker icon is located at the far right tab.

Four tabs are displayed when you click on the smiling face. You will find a speaker icon on the far right tab. There you will find soundmojis.
Credit: screenshot: Facebook messenger

5. To access your soundmojis menu, click on the speaker icon. Browse through all the choices and click on one soundmoji to test it.

6. After you have selected the soundmoji to test, the icon will be larger at the top of the menu. Clicking the button will allow you to hear the test once more. Click the button below the chosen soudmoji to confirm that it is the one you are looking for.

7. 7.The soundmoji will be displayed in chat. It won’t be able to play by itself. To hear the audio, you will need to chat with that person and click on soundmoji. It will be marked with parentheses to let them know that it has soundmoji status.

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