Genshin Impact Banner Schedule: Go to inazuma now for Yoimiya’s release date

Genshin Impact Banner Schedule: Go to inazuma now for Yoimiya's release date

Today will see the release of a wave of new content in Genshin Impact, and a few characters will want to add to their team while they explore Inazuma.

Anyone who is able to complete the Archon quest, which will send you and your group to the Liyue Harbor, can enter the new area.

For those that have played Genshin Impact since a while it’s quite simple and plenty of players are eager to upgrade their teams.

Big news: The launch of the Tapestry of Golden Flames Banner is the big change to Mihoyo’s content calendar.

Yoimiya will be introduced as a Pyro archer and expert in fireworks.

Yoimiya is known as “The Queen of Summer Festival” and she excels at creating fireworks. She also owns the Naganohara firework.

It won’t take long for everyone to have a better chance of unlocking the Pyro bow-wielding Pyro.

Developers Mihoyo have confirmed that Genshin Impact Yoimiya Banner will be released on Tuesday, August 10.

Genshin’s new banner will be launched at 5pm BST (UK) and 3pm PDT (North America).

Yoimiya will not be the only one making her debut. Yoimiya will also make her debut alongside the entire roster, including these team mates.

“Mujina Ninja”*Sayu, “Katzlein Cocktail”*Diona (Cryo),” and “Blazing Riff”*Xinyan(Pyro).

These will all be unlocked during the Banner at boosted rates with Mihoyo’s message:

“After the event wish is over, Mujina Ninja*Sayu will still be available for the standard Wanderlust Invocation version 2.1.

“Of all the characters above, the event-exclusive character is not available in the standard Wish Wanderlust Invocation.

“The Test Run trial will be available during the event wish. To test the characters, travelers may create fixed lines that contain selected trials.

Travelers who complete these challenges will be awarded the appropriate rewards.

This week, a new banner event will be launched that will boost drop rates for some of the top weapons.

The 5-star Thundering Pulse Bow weapon and 5-star Skyward Blade Sword will be included in this package.

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