Hello, It's Saturday! Prime time is back in business
Australian TV

Hello, It’s Saturday! Prime time is back in business Australian TV

You can see it again! Hello! Saturday’s return is confirmed by Daryl Somers, who begins filming segments in celebration of the 50th anniversary special

Hey Hey! Saturday’s official return to Australian TV screens is for the 50th anniversary special.

Daryl Somers (70) has begun filming segments of the special. It will air on Channel Seven.

Somers reached out to the fans to find out what their favorite episodes of the variety show would look like on the special episode.

You can now watch it again! Hey Hey! Saturday’s 50th Anniversary Show is back on Australian TV. Pictured with Kylie Minogue and Daryl Somers

He wrote in a tweet: “One thing that I realize is that almost from the beginning, a substantial portion of our show was generated through you, our loyal audiences.

You provided fodder for our fun, whether through “What Cheeses Me Orff”, “Phunny Fotos”, or “Media Watch Press”, etc.

He said that it was only right to continue this tradition for the 50th anniversary, and asked for ideas from followers for segments in a special celebration show. Your feedback is welcome.

Different network: Host Daryl Somers, 70, has already begun filming segments for the special, which is set to air on Channel Seven, after it was broadcast on Nine for 28 years

Different network: Daryl Somers (70) has begun filming segments of the special for Channel Seven. The special will air after being broadcast for 28 years on Nine.

There was much speculation for weeks about which network would broadcast the special.

According to the Herald Sun, Channel Nine, who broadcast the program for 28 years between 1971 to 1999, rejected Somers’ pitch to air the anniversary episode.

According to the publication, ‘Nine has said it won’t air Hey Hey’s 50th anniversary celebrations show. TV sources have suggested that it might be moved to Seven where Somers is Dancing With The Stars’.

Please enter! Somers reached out to the fans of the popular variety show to ask what they wanted to see in the celebratory episode.

It was later confirmed by TV Blackbox contributor Aaron Ryan that Channel Seven would screen the special.

Most likely, the show will be recorded and broadcast live.

From 1971-1999, Somers hosted the popular variety show, which was also presented in 2009-2010. He was joined by Jo Beth Taylor and Molly Meldrum as well as Wilbur Wilde, Molly Meldrum and Russell Gilbert.

He hosted the relaunched Dancing With The Stars, Channel Seven’s last television appearance with Sonia Kruger.

Familiar faces: Somers presented the hit variety show from 1971 to 1999, and again in 2009 to 2010, alongside Lavinia Nixon, Jo Beth Taylor, Molly Meldrum, Red Symons (pictured with guest Kylie Minogue), Wilbur Wilde and Russell Gilbert

Faces you may recognize: From 1971 to 1999 Somers hosted the popular variety show, which was also presented in 2009 and 2010. Red Symons, Lavinia Nixon and Jo Beth Taylor were featured, as well as Molly Meldrum and Red Symons, along with Wilbur Wilde, Wilbur Wilde, Russell Gilbert, Molly Meldrum and Molly Meldrum.


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