Holidaymaker cautions about popular UK tourist spot
"Expect better than Reality"

Holidaymaker cautions about popular UK tourist spot “Expect better than Reality”

He decided to take a relaxing trip to Cornwall. He claimed that he returned from Cornwall with a higher level of stress than when he went .” . It took him six hours to get down the road from the north, and the journey wasn’t as exciting as he expected.

In a YouTube video, he stated that Cornwall is a place you should never visit.

Liam, who is a YouTuber called LiamTheTerrible, stated that he had first visited Newquay. He compared it to Scarborough.

Liam repeatedly mentions the Cornish price hikes. He said: “Given we’re currently in a worldwide pandemic and Brexit has occurred, and many things have gone to sh*t,”

His explanation was: “I paid PS40 to spend one night at a campsite that didn’t have electricity.”

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Liam said that the jokey rant lasted ten minutes and covered extensively the road’s size, which were not designed for cars or vans.

He stated that they must be using special microcars from Cornwall, as I do not know the way these cars fit onto the roads.

The controversial decision by the tourist was that he would support building motorways throughout the area. “I will be the first to sign a petition for motorways to be built all across Cornwall, so it is easier to get around,” he said.

The comments made by the tourists, who were also critical of Wales, did not escape their attention. He said that Cornwall was a distinct place just like Wales, but worse.


Cornwall is far too large: It takes 17.4 hours to travel from one end to another.

It is not possible to find a petrol station: There’s one. You will be able to find the .”

It’s dry food: I’ve tried pasty before and it was kind of moist. It’s not common in Cornwall. .”

He suggested that tourists should avoid “traps”, such as Land’s End. St Ives, a tiny, one-car parking facility, is also a problem. “

He stated that St Ives was a little like Scarborough but is very beautiful. You can drive right past it span>

Liam continues his joke, claiming that the locals aren’t interested in visitors. Don’t take your van to Cornwall. “

The joker also referred to the inability of signals on the peninsula as an attempt to prevent tourists telling the rest the truth about Cornwall.

He stated that all telephone signal is lost when you leave Devon. It is possible that an electrical wall has been built. That’s likely because you don’t know how bad Cornwall is .”

Even the most grumbly tourist can’t deny its beauty. Liam even admitted that it was one of the most beautiful places on Earth.

He stated that the Cornish coast was stunning but that it is easier to Google than it actually is.

Liam ultimately believed that the expectation of Cornwall was better than its reality. One person commented on Liam’s YouTube, “As a Cornishman, I find this video deeply… Acurate and tremendously funny!”

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