James Bond: No Time To Die is not yet confirmed for release in China. Could there be another delay?

Five delays later, the new James Bond film No Time To Die will be released in UK cinemas by September 30, and in America a week later. To be financially successful, Daniel Craig’s final and fifth 007 film needs an international release. However, other blockbusters in Hollywood have struggled to make a profit due to the global pandemic. Variety reports that China doesn’t yet have a fixed date for major movies already released in the US and the UK.

Black Widow and Jungle Cruise are among these blockbusters.

All of the movies were also released in hybrid versions, which allow you to view them either at the theaters or via streaming services like Disney+ or HBO Max.

These movies may not be as popular in China because pirated Hollywood versions are readily available hours after US release.

These blockbuster releases are currently on hold at the Chinese box-office, so No Time To Die won’t be released in China’s biggest film market within a matter of weeks.

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Bond’s new website MI6 HQ pointed this out, tweeting: “Holy smokes – #NoTimeToDie has not been released in China. This. This. All things are possible.”

This same source recently calculated that No Time To Die’s box-office prospects don’t look profitable for its current release dates.

According to their well-researched report, the cost of the new Bond movie was publicly filed with the UK’s Companies House.

Total revenue was PS214 millions, an increase of PS199.5million due to interest costs.

If Chinese cinemas don’t screen the Bond film in the coming weeks, then perhaps there will be a delay until 2022.

The other alternative is what recent Disney/Warner Bros blockbusters did, which was to let the largest movie market in the world release the film later and add to its total box office profits.

The problem is that No Time To Die could be pirated just like other films, decreasing its potential audience at the cinemas. EON Productions is committed to cinematic releases without hybrid streaming services debuts. Perhaps a delay up to 2022 would make more business sense.

No Time To Die will be released in the UK on September 30, 2021, and in American movie theatres October 8, 2018.


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