Limiting the number of replies you get to tweets

It’s happened to all of us. It’s easy to type and hit Tweet, but you immediately regret not closing the replies.

When a truly rofl-worthy (sorry) thought seizes you and you cannot wait to impart that hilarity with the world, it’s easy to get carried away without thinking about your reply guys.

As Mashable’s Chloe Bryan put it, a reply guy often responds to women’s tweets in an overly familiar tone “as if they know the person they’re targeting, though they usually don’t.”

Bryan adds that they also respond to women more often than men. Bryan says the best reply guys are the ones who fill in for the dozens of women tweeting peacefully.

Twitter’s “who could reply” feature is a huge help to me as a woman who has internet access. My settings are to prevent my own “who can reply?” guys from making unwelcome comments and giving unsolicited advice.

ICYMI: Before you hit send, select the people you would like to get replies from. If you are comfortable with receiving replies from anyone, you have the option to allow them all. However you can limit responses to only people that you know or those you mention in your tweets.

There have been occasions when I was too zealous to change my settings to close the replies. You don’t have to delete your tweet or start over. As of July, you can edit who can reply after you’ve tweeted (!!! You can edit who replies to your tweets (!!!

Is this groundbreaking news? Yes, I do.

How do you accomplish this? It’s actually quite simple.

1. 1.First, create a Twitter account. This is a tweet I wrote about an episode on Love Island.

Credit to twitter

2. Click on the three dots at the top of the tweet. Next, click on the three dots in the top right hand corner of your published tweet and hit “Change who may reply.”

Credit to twitter

3. Choose who you would like to respond to your tweets. There are many options: you can pick from anyone (reply guys and other randos), followers, or people that you mention.

Credit to twitter

4. There you go! Now your tweet should be reply-guy proof.

Credit to twitter

Peace at last!

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