Lionel Messi's jersey number at PSG

Lionel Messi’s jersey number at PSG: Superstar making a Change your shirt

Lionel Messi's jersey number at PSG

Lionel Messi will need to adjust to a brand new jersey. After his move to PSG, he’ll be sporting a brand new jersey.

Messi wore No. The No. 10 shirt was worn by Messi in Spain for FC Barcelona. The 34-year old free agent star will make a shift by moving to France. He’ll be wearing No. The No. 30 shirt.

This selection has a meaning.

Messi is wearing the No. PSG: Why is Messi wearing No.

Messi wore No. Messi wore the No. 30 in Barcelona, when he was a teenager and broke into the senior squad during the 2004-2005 season.

The No. He wore the No. 30 jersey for his two first seasons before changing to the No. He wore the No. 19 shirt in 2006-2007, 2007-2008 and 2007, while he waited for the right time as Ronaldinho of Brazil graced the No. 10 shirt.

Ronaldinho took the No. Ronaldinho vacated the No. 10 jersey when he moved to AC Milan, 2008, allowing Messi graduate to the Barcelona Number. In 2008-2009, he wore the number 10 jersey. For 13 seasons, he refused to give up the jersey.

Messi chose not to wear the No. 10. at PSG. It is currently worn by Neymar, Messi’s ex-Barcelona friend. According to reports, the Brazilian even offered his shirt to Messi. However, he declined.

The number 19 is also worn by Pablo Sarabia, a PSG midfielder from Spain. Pablo Sarabia, a Spanish midfielder for PSG, also wears the No. Messi wore the number 19 jersey for Barcelona’s two season. In his youth, Messi wore the No. 19 jersey while playing for Argentina’s national team.

It is in the No. Messi hopes to become a legend at PSG when he turns 30: He said that everything about PSG matches his football goals. I know the talent of the team and coaching staff. “I am committed to helping build something special for both the club and fans. I look forward to getting out on the Parc des Princes pitch.”

Barcelona cannot retire the No. 10 shirt after Messi

Messi was forced to step in for Ronaldinho when the Brazilian legend departed in 2008. It’s fair to say Messi did a great job.

Ronaldinho insisted that the La Liga team should ban another player from wearing the No. 10, after Messi — although he did so with the intention of retiring, and not for Messi’s signing for an other European team.

Messi should retire when I expect it to be many years from now. Ronaldinho stated in 2018 that 10 should be left there to ensure it is never touched again.

But Ronaldinho wasn’t apparently aware of La Liga rules ( page 5 of the competition rules ), which require each team’s 25-man roster to use numbers 1 through 25 with the No. 1. 13, and No. 25 jerseys reserved for goalkeepers. Numbers starting with the No. 26.

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