Netflix is dead! The Microsoft app offers hundreds of hours worth of entertainment for Windows 10.

Netflix is dead! The Microsoft app offers hundreds of hours worth of entertainment for Windows 10.

Device owners want to know more about the big changes that are coming for Windows 10 PCs this year. And just this week, Microsoft has confirmed plans to expand one of its most popular features so that it runs as an easy to download app on Windows 10 PCs.

You can find the Xbox app in Windows Store. It allows you to play and manage your accounts.

These video games require special hardware and graphics cards to be played on a computer.

However, that will change in 2021 when a new streaming service is announced.

Xbox Cloud Gaming, like Netflix allows you to stream video games via the internet and not on any device.

This service can be purchased with an additional package called Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. It is not free, but it is included. The Xbox consoles have been very well-received.

Xbox Game Pass works in a similar way to Netflix. You pay a monthly fee for unlimited access to an extensive library of games that you can play.

If you have purchased the Ultimate edition, the Xbox Cloud Gaming service is available to you. This allows you to use your smartphone, tablet, or PC to access the library.

Although the beta version of this new service is not yet available, Microsoft is currently testing an updated version via Windows 10 Xbox App.

Soon, everyone will soon be able purchase Xbox Game Pass and boot up their computer to play any of the games in their library via their internet.

To play these games, the only problem is that you’ll need to have a compatible controller.

Microsoft has sent a message explaining that “Xbox Cloud Gaming is now available with the Xbox App. You can play over 100 Xbox games, save your progress and pick up a game you have saved or you can try a new Xbox Game Pass game to see if it’s worth downloading to your Xbox.

Xbox Cloud Gaming allows you to turn any type of computer into a gaming console, including older computers with lower specs or budget models. Simply connect your compatible controller to the Xbox app via Bluetooth or USB. Once the Xbox app is launched, you can click on the button “cloud games”, select the game, and then start playing.

We’ve added new features that will help you get started. These include easy-to-access information about controller status and network status. Social features allow you to keep connected with your friends. You can also invite other people (even those who are not playing the game on the cloud) to play with you.

What if you’d like to test this Microsoft service right now on your Windows 10 computer?

Microsoft now offers an easy way to stream games directly from Windows devices using a web browser.

It’s as easy as logging on to your Windows 10 device and then going online at, where you can sign in using your Microsoft account.

Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome and Apple Safari 14 are supported browsers.

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