Nintendo Direct Indie Showcase: Time and date for Hollow Knight Silksong Switch reveal

Nintendo Direct Indie Showcase: Time and date for Hollow Knight Silksong Switch reveal

This week Nintendo will hold a new Direct conference, specifically for Indie Games.

The Indie World Showcase will focus on independent games coming to Nintendo Switch consoles.

The upcoming Nintendo Direct event has an August 11 air date and a 5pm BST broadcast time.

The event will include new game announcements, releases dates and other updates for fans.

Nintendo announced the news via Twitter. However, little information is available about exactly what will be displayed.

A Nintendo blog states that a new Indie World showcase will be available on August 11th at 18:00 CEST. For approximately 20 minutes, you can find information about upcoming Indie games for Nintendo Switch.

You can watch it live by clicking the YouTube embed.

Hollow Knight Silksong always ranks high on fans’ wishlists when Nintendo hosts an Indie Direct conference.

Team Cherry, the developer of the game, has now scheduled a launch for 2021. Team Cherry is encouraged to update.

The original Hollow Knight, one of the most loved games on Switch was launched in February 2017. The sequel was then announced in February 2019.

However, very little information has been available about the game, aside from a feature that was published in Edge UK.

Hollow Knight, a Metroidvania-style platformer with a few similarities to Dark Souls, is available for those who missed the original.

This sequel seems to have more of the original, even though it is set in Pharloom kingdom and shifts focus to Hornet.

Play as Hornet, the princess-protector at Hallownest and explore a new kingdom, ruled by song and silk! The official Hollow Knight Silksong description.

Hornet is captured and taken to an unknown world. She must fight foes, solve mysteries and climb to the top of the kingdom’s highest peak.

Hollow Knight: Silksong, an epic sequel to Hollow Knight is an action-adventure that has won numerous awards. You will play the role of Hornet, the deadly hunter. Explore new lands and battle huge hordes bugs and beasts. Discover ancient secrets that are tied to both your nature and past.

Hollow Knight Silksong currently is in development for Nintendo Switch, PC and Mac. However, more platforms may be added.

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