Product School secures $25M of growth equity capital to help it scale.
Product training platform

Product School secures $25M of growth equity capital to help it scale. Product training platform

Traditional MBA programs are often expensive, long-lasting, and do not allow for real-world skills. Companies and brands with large global reach need product managers to help grow their companies can’t wait for graduates. This sector has not been served by the EdTech industry.

Product School claims that it secured $25,000,000 in growth equity investments from Leeds Illuminate, subject to regulatory approval. This investment will allow the school to develop its products and partner with clients.

After 2014’s bootstrapping, the company received growth financing. This is in part due to product managers (PMs), who are sought-after across nearly all industries.

Product School offers certificates to individuals and team training. It claims it experienced an uplifting in business after Covid converted so many businesses into Digital. It now has customers from Amazon, Google, Facebook and Netflix.

Susan Cates (Managing Partner, Leeds Illuminate) stated that product managers play a significant role in driving digital transformation across all industries. Product School is the global industry standard in the field of product management and the best company to upskill top talent for international organizations.

Carlos Gonzalez de Villaumbrosia is the CEO and founder of Product School. He moved from Spain to start the business. We believe traditional MBA and MBA degrees don’t give PMs the skills that they need to do the job. This is why our company was established.

Product School has produced The Product Book and The Proddy Awards, as well as ProductCon.

It’s main competitor is MindTheProduct community and training platform, which has also boostrapped.

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