PSG Teases Lionel Messi Transfer with Social Media Video Barcelona icon nears move

PSG Teases Lionel Messi Transfer with Social Media Video
Barcelona icon nears move

PSG teased Lionel Messi’s signing by posting a social media video. After leaving Catalan giants, the Barcelona legend is set to sign for the Ligue 1 titans on a 2-year deal. It promises to be an exciting deal with Neymar and Kylian next season.

Messi, who announced that he would be departing Barcelona on Sunday evening, held an emotional farewell press conference, in which journalists, players and even the Argentine were moved to tears.

He’s now set to join PSG.

There have been rumors linking Messi to a move in the Premier League, Manchester United, Chelsea, Manchester City and Tottenham. But he has now chosen to try his luck in Ligue 1.

PSG has shared the video teaser of his upcoming move.

The clip includes brief shots of Messi in his Argentine colors as well as six Ballon d’Ors. It is now clear that the Barcelona icon will wear their colors next term.


Messi also made it very clear that he tried his best to remain at Barcelona.

When asked if the Catalan titans had tried to preserve him, he replied “I don’t know. What I do know is that I did all I could.”

“From my side I did everything I could to stay. That is all I wanted.”

The Argentine admitted that it was his most difficult moment in his entire career.

The 34-year old said, “No doubt this is the most difficult moment,” and is about to sign a French two-year contract.

We suffered hurtful losses, but football offers us a way to win. There is no way around it.

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“I am very sorry that I must leave the club I love. This was not what I expected.

I always said the truth. “Last year, I was ready to go. This year, I didn’t want to go.

Laporta stated, “The team is fantastic, new players will come, players go and come, but the club is greater than any one.”

It will become second nature. Although it might seem strange at first, they’ll soon get used to it.

The truth is, that the election was over. I met up with my new President for lunch and was convinced I would stay.

My contract was not a problem. It was impossible.”

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