SAP Concur helps businesses to synchronize meeting planning with Manage Travel Expenses

SAP Concur digitized travel expense management. It is now looking at digitizing how businesses manage their meetings such as training sessions, team meetings quarterly, diversity workshops and board meetings.

On Monday the German enterprise software giant SAP announced that the sales team at Concur, its corporate travel-and expense-management company, will now also sell a solution for planning small meetings.

Brian Hace from SAP Concur, Vice President of Global Travel Strategy said that customers can buy small meeting tools in one contract. This allows them to maintain a relationship with the same Concur rep. They’ll also get seamless integration with other tools that allow for expense and travel management.

Concur’s online software will be integrated with the company’s flagship software, to assist corporate travelers in managing their expenses accounts. The solution is from Groupize, a startup that pioneered an online booking tool for small meetings, enabling the company-wide adoption of rules for how companies plan meetings.

The Concur Event Management By Groupize tool. Source: SAP

Hace stated that Groupize is one of the many integrated partners who specialize in meeting planning. What’s different is that Groupize has been elevated to a common operating model, which we refer to as a solution extension.

SAP Concur’s announcement reflects a wider trend in which the pandemic is increasing.

Charles De Gaspe Beaubien (founder and chief customer officer at Groupize), stated that companies will return to their offices and have more meetings with employees from remote locations. “Department heads are going to be asking questions. “Where are they? What is the cost of rising costs? “

Concur Event Management allows companies to set policies to increase compliance when booking meetings venues and travel for them. It also tracks employee movements and provides visibility to attendees as well as the total cost of the events.

Only a handful of areas may be eligible for the new Concur tool by Groupize. One example of this is when companies hold staff meetings that are self-managed, such as once per quarter. This allows dispersed workers to meet in one place. Administrative assistants are often responsible for booking venue spaces or hotel rooms manually. Software that integrates with company systems can be more effective.

Experts say that companies who host large conferences and have many attendees can still benefit from the full functionality of solutions provided by Hopin or Cvent.

Concur has some unique features that may be copied by other software companies for small events. For seamless reporting, it allows users to add worker profiles from their existing system. It can create profiles of visiting guests such as speakers or trainers, and board members, who may be attending small events.

Groupize CEO Alisa de Gaspe Beaubien.

Alisa Beaubien, Groupize CEO said that most companies now depend on less resources and a smaller budget. We’ve concentrated our efforts to improve self-service, simplify, and address emerging industry needs like hybrid meetings.

Groupize is a Boston-based company that has increased its staffing to meet the growing demand for meeting planner software. The company was on the Skift 2019 Corporate Travel Innovators List.

During the recovery from pandemic, “meetings” are becoming more inclusive. Groupize, for example, has one client who is a large e-commerce company that has expanded the meaning of “meetings” to include training over a week. Hybrid meetings are also a growing area for software companies to tackle.

Charles De Gaspe Beaubien stated that “many companies are restructuring so that many of the travel managers now report to the same department heads that the planners report to.” Executives now realize the importance of budget management and due diligence in all meetings.

Event planners may read EventMB, while Skift Pro subscribers will be able to read the Future of Work Briefing.

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