Soon, cricket in the Olympics will be a reality

Soon, cricket in the Olympics will be a reality

International Cricket Council (ICC), confirmed that it will bid to include the sport in the Olympic Games.

In a Tuesday statement, the ICC stated that a group was formed to handle the bidding process on behalf of cricket. It is important that cricket be included in the Olympics for Los Angeles 2028 and Brisbane 2032, as well as all subsequent editions.

The ICC Olympic Working Group will be chaired by Ian Watmore, Chair of the England and Wales Cricket Board. Indra Nooyi (ICC Independent Director), Chair of Zimbabwe Cricket Tavengwa Mukuhlani and Vice President, Asian Cricket Council Mahinda Vallipuram, will join him as he chairs the ICC Olympic Working Group.

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Greg Barclay, Chair of the ICC, congratulated Tokyo 2020’s organizing committee and stated that they want cricket to be a part the Olympics. He stated in a statement by the ICC:

“First, I want to congratulate everyone at the ICC on staging such an amazing Games under such challenging circumstances. The Games captured the attention of the entire world. We would be delighted to have cricket as a partner in future Games.

We believe the Olympics are a key part of cricket’s future. “Our sport has united behind this bid. There are more than one billion cricket fans worldwide and nearly 90 percent want to watch the Olympics.

Soon, cricket in the Olympics will be a reality

He said that a large fan base watching their heros compete for the Olympic gold medal was something worth keeping an eye on. He said:

It is clear that cricket enjoys a passionate fanbase. This is especially true in South Asia, where 92% are from. There are 30 million American cricket fans. It is exciting for these fans to be able to watch their hero compete for the Olympic medal.

Barclay continued:

We believe that cricket is a wonderful addition to the Olympic Games. But we also know it will be difficult to get our inclusion because there are many great sports who want to be included. We feel that now is the right time to show how great a partnership Cricket and the Olympics can be.

The Chair of US Cricket Pararag Marathe thinks it is time for an Olympic bid. He stated:

USA Cricket is delighted to have the opportunity to support the bid of cricket for inclusion in the Olympics. This timing aligns with our ongoing plans to grow the sport in America.”

Marathe believes that the 2028 LA Games would do better if cricket was a part. Marathe stated:

We believe cricket will be a major sport for America, thanks to so many cricket players and fans already here in the USA.

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