Source 2 will recreate Team Fortress 2 in Source 2.
Modding Community

Source 2 will recreate Team Fortress 2 in Source 2. Modding Community

It’s safe to say that Team Fortress 2 is getting a little. The 14-year-old game remains incredibly popular on Steam, but over the past year it’s hit the headlines for the wrong reasons, with bot problems that show no sign of disappearing. (Although we got to witness players conga-ing their way past the bots, at least.)

Original Team Fortress 2

However, the community decided to refresh Team Fortress 2, and a team of modders known as Amper Software have begun recreating it in Garry’s Mod spiritual successor, s&box. They wanted to see how Team Fortress 2 might look in Source 2, Valve’s new engine.

Source 2 has been mentioned as an engine Valve is working on since its inception. Many people within the Team Fortress 2 community started to ask the question, “If Valve ever port TF2 into Source 2, how would that look?” What would the gameplay look like? And would TF2 even feel the same?,” the team explained in a blog post. “…s&box is the spiritual successor to Garry’s Mod on the Source 2 engine. It has been made available as part of the dev preview for a small group of community members including us. You can build anything you like with the toolset it offers, much in the same way as Garry’s Mod. We have decided not to lose this chance.

Amper Software has provided a map of the Arena in Source 2.

The group currently includes more than 20 volunteers and has begun implementing substantial portions of TF2 into s&box. The team plans to “…rebuild Team Fortress 2, port all assets from the base game, and then see what the engine can do to make it look and feel different from the original. They have shown their efforts to recreate Sniper and Demoman, Scout and Pyro, Soldiers, and a new and improved HUD.

It has been a difficult task for them to port assets and maps into Source 2. Porting Arena map Well required, among other things, the reconstruction of sections of the map and the creation of new textures, meshes, and textures. Kaya, a producer and environmental artist has created a simple original map with a spytech theme. It has been published on s&box.

It is worth noting that TF:S2 still has a lot of work ahead. However, the team knows this will be a challenging project.

Moonly Days, producer and chief programmer, said that the project was a massive undertaking. He added, “We would need to take into account all nits of TF2 gameplay, rebuild every mechanic so it feels similar to the base game. But with enough dedication, we believe we can achieve it.”

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It looks amazing so far. While the project may not be complete, the team seems organized. I am very optimistic about this next one. Amper Software has an online application form. You can also follow their progress via the Twitter account TF:S2.

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