Spoiler for Australian Survivor: Winner of Brains Vs. Brawn After filming in Queensland’s outback, ‘LEAKED” was released.

After filming in Queensland’s outback, the winner of Australian Survivor Brains V Brawn was ‘LEAKED.

Survivors from Australia were pushed mentally and physically during Brains v Brawn.

And it seems Hayley Leake is tipped to win the reality TV show, according to Sportsbet’s latest betting odds.

As of Tuesday afternoon, the bookmaker has the Pain Researcher from South Australia as their frontrunner and likely winner, with odds of $1.40.

Spoiler for Australian Survivor: Brains v Brawn spoiler: After filming in Queensland, the winner of Brains v Brawn was ‘LEAKED. Jonathan LaPaglia, host of Australian Survivor.

After 48 days of hard work in Queensland’s outback, the 31-year old is now in contention to win the title of Sole Survivor as well as a prize of $500,000 and $1,000,000 respectively.

She started out on the Brains team, but she switched to Brawn.

Baden Cooke, a retired cyclist, has a chance to win at $5.

Who is the winner? According to Sportsbet’s most recent betting odds, Hayley Leake seems likely to win this reality television show. The odds for winning the reality TV show are $1.40.

Second place: Meanwhile, retired cyclist Baden Cooke's odds to win are sitting at $5

Second Place: Baden Cooke, a retired cyclist, is currently in second place with a chance to win at $5

George Mladenov, a Bankstown politician is third at $6 and will win the Survivor crown.

Flick Palmateer, a professional surfer is sitting at $13, and Andrew Ucles, a survival expert, rounds out the top five with $17.

Survivor Australia has fallen behind the rest in ratings for the last week, mainly due to Channel Seven’s coverage on the Tokyo Olympics.

Contender: Bankstown politician George Mladenov is in third place at $6 to win the Survivor crown and prize money

Concurrender: Bankstown politician George Mladenov comes in third at $6 for the Survivor crown.

Brains vs Brawn regained some audience share Monday with 618,000 people tuning in to watch Rachel Downie’s election at tribal council.

Despite leaving camp, she told 10 Play that she enjoyed her experience on the show.

“I loved it!” This was an honor, because who else gets the chance to experience that? It is up to you how many months of your life that you can take and then, I suppose, step outside of this world.

In the running: Professional surfer Flick Palmateer's odd are at $13
In the running: Survival expert Andrew Ucles rounds out the top five at $17

Flick Palmateer, a professional surfer, is in the mix at $13. Andrew Ucles, a survival expert at $17 rounds out the top five.

“I believe one of my favorite parts about my job was to reset my heart and mind back to nature. This meant that I would have to go outside, and be in an environment where it was scary and risky sometimes.

“Obviously, I have made great friends and had the honor of being a part of the Survivor family and having the chance to compete was amazing,” she said.

Australian Survivor: Brains v Brawn continues at 7:30pm on Channel 10

The tribe has spoken: On Monday, Brains vs Brawn managed to reclaim some of the audience share with 618,000 viewers tuning in to see Rachel Downie voted out at tribal council

Tribes have spoken: Brains vs Brawn regained some audience share Monday with 618 000 viewers tuning in to watch Rachel Downie’s election at the tribal council

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