Status of the Escape From Tarkov server, downtime schedule Update Patch Notes

Escape from Tarkov servers go down for a new update (Image: BATTLESTATE)

Escape from Tarkov players have bad news: the game has been taken offline to maintain its server.

Escape from Tarkov server will be down as part of update. It will take place from around 8 AM BST UK Time until about midday.

Anyone trying to log in during this period will probably be presented with an error message and prompted to install the latest update.

Battlestate Games tweeted the news: “Tomorrow at 10:00 Moscow Time, we will start installing patch __S.8__

The installation process will take around 4 hours. However, it may be extended as needed. During this period, the game won’t be available. “

Although the server status report isn’t very clear, it does tell you that the developers have been working hard to improve the game.

As you can see from the patch notes below, the new update makes a variety of bug fixes and gameplay changes.

Battlestate has added a ‘Very Low’ graphics preset, which should make the game perform better on older PCs.

Dogtages will now be sorted by their levels, and new quests are available for high-level players.

Update Patch Notes for Escape From Tarkov

* Increased reputation for Fence when you successfully leave any place as a player Scav.

PMC-Scav cooperation extractions are available now at all locations.

* Modified Tagilla’s melee sound.

* The Scav item turn in screen has an added Sorting Table.

* New quests added for players of high level.

* The Sound Settings tab now allows you to modify the PMC voice. While out of raid, you can alter the voice at will.

* Various AI fixes.

* The Flea Market has been added to allow players to buy and sell items from traders for those below 20 levels.

* Now, dogtags can be sorted according to their level.

* All items purchased from Fence are eligible for a 30% discount if you have accumulated the maximum loyalty points.

* The “Very Low Graphics” preset was added.

Liste of escape from Tarkov solutions:

All hand models now display raindrops correctly

* Fixed lootspawn issue in lockers at Interchange

* A bug was fixed that caused the After-Raid Healing Menu to be missing in certain cases.

* Ammo boxes names are now displayed correctly.

* Based on Fence’s reputation, the actual crafting time for Scav cases now adjusts correctly.

* A bug was fixed that could have caused the screen to go blank when you were examining module on the weapons preset screen.

* A bug was fixed that prevented an offer from opening if you clicked on the ID of the Flea Market window.

* Corrected a camera shake when crawling up on a inclined surface.

* When two inclined surfaces intersect, players no longer become stuck in geometry.

* Blacked out legs are no longer allowed for Raiders to sprint.

* Your reputation on the Fence will not increase if you kill another Player Scav, who was killing Scavs.

* While prone, players cannot slide off of ledges.

* A bug was fixed that prevented players from turning while lying on their backs.

* The missing wall was added to the underground location at the “Factory”.

* The ability to see through the wall at the location of the factories was removed.

* The ability to view through walls in underground locations on “Reserved” has been removed.

The PMC Head Selection Screen now displays the correct backpack and chest strap attachments.

* Fixes flickering light from lamp in underground tunnels located in extended parts of “Factory”.

* Fixes flickering lamps at specific distances from the “Customs” location.

The correct display of the player head “Hudson”, now with masks and balaclavas.

* There were several lighting issues at “The Lab”, so these have been fixed.

* The Scav spawn was fixed in an open area near the repair and maintenance facility at the “Reserve”.

* Reduced the time it took for the Hideout’s air filter to work.

* Increased the chance of Scavs being spawned next to players in all areas.

* Fixed the issue of a quest item being stored at the same location as the item that was to be moved into the quest objects stash.

* Increased the chance of Scavs reproducing within the geometry.

After reconnect, the orange rectangle (insurance icon) won’t disappear.

* Some rooms at the “Shoreline” location have sound overlaps.

* Corrected double animation when equipping Mk47 Mutant.

* Damage is being done to the gas station on “Shoreline”, as a result of the fire at the tank.

* Corrected incorrect display of Daypack backpack straps

* Fixed the problem of players appearing outside the location “The Lab”.

* Now, Cultists are able to move with their melee weapons.

* Adjusted some rails to allow the SIG ROME8T sight to be equipped.

* Fixed freezes when moving between tabs or filters in Trader screens.

* Fixed logic in the notification about loading too many items into raids.

* The issue of typing Cyrillic symbols on the screen “Player name” was fixed.

* You cannot perform quick melee hits with zero stamina.

After firing all rounds, the displacement of the aiming reticle on the PL-15 pistol was corrected.

* The “Interchange” location will not allow dead bodies to fall into the ground.

After players return to raid, the progression value for the “Endurance” skill will not change.

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