Steam DOWN: Status report on server for Counter Strike and Dead by Daylight

Steam DOWN: Status report on server for Counter Strike and Dead by Daylight

It appears that the Steam servers have been down. This has meant that thousands of people are unable to access Counter Strike online.

Fans who complained of not being able access online games have found the Steam server status to be a grim read.

Unofficial website Down Detector received thousands of reports about Steam not working.

To detect service outages around the globe, The Outage Tracker tracks social mentions about certain topics.

This Down Detector map illustrates how Steam problems are affecting European and UK users.

There are thousands of other reports that indicate the US service is offline.

Popular games such as Counter Strike or Dead by Daylight appear to be the most affected.

Fans took to social media to express their dismay at the outage.

A fan wrote: “Aaaaaaaaaaand Steam is down again. I was just about to leap into a great match.

Another tweet: “Man! I was playing Dead by Daylight, and Steam goes down!”

A further tweet reads, “Thanks Steam that went down as we were about to finish our 1-hour mission without any checkpoints,”

Perhaps this tweet summarizes the situation best: “Steam has gone down.” There are no more games.

The unofficial server status page states that the service will be restored soon after the initial downtime.

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