Terrell Owens was the last Cowboy to appear on "Hard Knocks" in October.
Baggy shorts and Pepsi One

Terrell Owens was the last Cowboy to appear on “Hard Knocks” in October. Baggy shorts and Pepsi One

Cowboys fans love living in time machines, so let us take a look back at 2008.

Dallas fan, we know that you love thumping the chest over your past glory. It’s all we know. Dak Prescott: “How’bout ’dem Cowboys,” five Super Bowls, “most valuable football team,” etc. This should be enough.

The past has not been forgotten, as the Cowboys Dallas star in the “Hard Knocks”, a docuseries about the Cowboys’ training camps. Its first episode aired on August 10. The five-episode series has plenty of interesting storylines.

Actually, this is the Cowboys’ usual practice. HBO loves to turn to the Cowboys for content. This will mark the third year that Dallas will feature in the (somewhat) long-running, unfiltered glimpse at training camp. Last season, Terrell Owens (Tony Romo), Wade Phillips and other celebrities made guest appearances on the program, which led to an unsatisfying finale.

This is what we saw last time.

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Last time Cowboys appeared on “Hard Knocks”

… This was the “The T.O. Romo Show.

  • QB:Tony Romo
  • All-Pros:DeMarcus Ware, Jason Witten, (first and second teams).
  • Pro Bowlers:Flozell Adams G, Leonard Davis G. Andre Gurode C. Jay Ratliff DT. DeMarcusWare LB. Jason Witten TE
  • Coach:Wade Phillips
  • Record:9-7 is third in NFC East

Was it a mistake?

The Cowboys were third in the NFC East after their second appearance on Hard Knocks. They weren’t expecting this result after a season of 13 wins and a playoff appearance the year before.

After their second straight loss in the first round of playoffs, the Cowboys seemed primed for drama. In 2006 Romo famously misplaced the ball during an extra-point attempt against the Seahawks. Romo made an interception in 2007 against the Giants, who would go on to win the Super Bowl.

There were a number of key stories on the show:

Martellus Bennett, a rookie tight end, working with John Garrett to learn some techniques. Garrett is training Bennett to be tough, which has led to his appointment as the TE2 behind Jason Witten.

After a one-year suspension, Adam “Pacman” Jones returns to the field. Jones, a talented, but troubled, defensive back would have a difficult time in camp. His only season in Dallas would be 2008, and he was released by the team after that season.

This year’s “scrappy Underdog to Make the Team” story was about Todd Lowber and Danny Amendola.

Surprisedly, Tony Romo was not as prominent a focus of the series than he had been expected to be. Romo was coming off a tough loss to the Giants during the playoffs. Romo threw a crucial game-sealing catch.

We must remember these guys.

Patrick Crayton (WR:Crayton was given reel time on Episode 1 because of his missed pass during the 2008 NFC divisional matchup against the Cowboys. Crayton has been locked in an

Felix Jones, RB: Footage shows Cowboys brass deciding between one of Jones and Rashard Mendenhall in the 2008 NFL Draft. Jerry and Co. choose Jones as the No. 22 Overall pick.

Dave Campo is the DBs Coach:After Chan Gailey’s firing, Campo was promoted to the position of head coach. After 2002, he was dismissed. Jerry Jones was ever understanding and forgiving, so he rehired Campo in 2008 as a secondary coach.

Danny Amendola WR:Although he’s not quite as close to the field as the others, Amendola was an undrafted wideout and entered Cowboys camp as an undrafted agent. After making the team at camp, he spent the entire year with Dallas’ practice squad and then joined the Rams’ receiving corp the next year.

Here are some more:

We were able to win 13 wins last year. Jerry Jones, Cowboys owner/GM/Grand maester. The Cowboys were actually worse.

If someone asked me about Peyton I would say that I believe he will win the Super Bowl. Tony Romo is the same. Troy Aikman was the last Dallas quarterback to win the Super Bowl.

It’s official. “I sucked!” It is official. Quote from Tony Romo (quarterback).

These are some 2008-specific things.

The 2008 era seems to have been the end of extremely baggy shorts. The XXXXXL series has a wide selection of shorts that reach just below the knee. This was before many athletes began to opt for tighter fittings. Even though fashion is always changing, you can be certain that you will float to ground if your shorts are on.

This series features Pepsi One among the hyper-caffeinated coaches. Do you remember Pepsi One. Pepsi One canned product claimed to have ONE calorie. Is that possible? What is the best way to get one calorie into soda? Sure, there are diet sodas. But one calorie? Scientists are crazy.

Terrell Owens is cashing in the Apple iPhone craze from the 2000s and has created his own “i” merchandise. Owens brought a few shirts to the practice.

Record of Cowboys before “Hard Knocks”

Two seasons ago, the Cowboys were on “Hard Knocks”, with different results.

2002Under Dave Campo, the Cowboys were 5-11 in 2001. Troy Aikman was fired before the season began. This led to Quincy Carter and Ryan Leaf starting the games. Clint Stoerner also started the game for Dallas. After finishing 5-11, the Cowboys were fired by Dave Campo as head coach.

In 2003, they would record a 10-6 win under Bill Parcells as their first season in charge.

2008.After back-to-back playoff losses to the Giants and Seahawks in the first round, the Cowboys would finish 9-7 in 2008, and they’d miss out on the playoffs the second time around on “Hard Knocks.” They would not return to the program until 2021.

They would finish 11-5 in 2009 and lose to the Vikings during the divisional round.

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