The Most Bizarre Things Elon Musk has done

The Most Bizarre Things Elon Musk has done, this is the bestCheck out the List. This List Might Also Just Be Brilliant

The Most Bizarre Things Elon Musk has done

SpaceX, owned by Elon Musk, has apparently committed to launch an advertising satellite from its Falcon 9 rocket. A “selfie stick”, which has a camera attached, will stream a livestream so you can view it on YouTube and Twitch. Although I don’t know why people would watch space ads livestreamed on YouTube, there is a large audience for interesting content consumption so maybe this will be a niche.

This may sound absurd to you. Geometric Energy Corporation in Canada, the startup that is behind it, has plans to let anybody buy an advertisement and then do so using Dogecoin. This doesn’t make it any more than a PR stunt.

Elon Musk is my favorite modern publicist. It might be bizarre, but it may also prove to be very effective, even though the premise is so absurd. You can trust me.

Although it may seem that SpaceX provides a space ride, GEC has already joined the company in an endeavor to launch “Space Art” on the moon. It appears that they intend to launch the satellite into orbit. Space Art is what our solar system needs, although I’m not sure. It’s almost certain.

There is at least some level of private space racing that says “we’re doing it because we can.” That’s the case for sending astronauts to space and people on low-orbit joyrides. Although the ultimate goal is to one day colonize Mars or send humans back to the Moon, that is not yet possible. It’s not practical, though, and that is fine.

On the other hand this might be very useful. This is a brilliant idea for three reasons.

Advertising is huge money. While I agree with your argument that more advertising is the best thing for us, I would just like to point out that we are still looking at where more ads can be placed. However, companies only have so many dollars to spend on advertising. There’s a good chance that they will spend them in space on advertising, so we don’t need to see it on Earth.

It’s not hard to imagine that there could be a market in space advertising, given the fact that many advertisers are willing to spend a few millions dollars on a spot for the Super Bowl or to take control of a Times Square digital billboard.

Second, it’s because, even though the whole thing was a stunt that Musk approves of, this is perfectly within Musk’s character. SpaceX is not the problem, even if GEC doesn’t have the right technology to send huge files instantly over long distances. SpaceX still enjoys the benefits of launching a space billboard. Musk is known for his love of publicity stunts, so this seems right up Musk’s alley.

The rest of us, however, are stuck on Earth, not billionaires who have extra income and will set themselves ablaze in return for low-orbital travel. The only way the rest of the world can spend the money they don’t have on the opportunity to send a small part of themselves–albeit digitally –to space is through this deal.

You don’t have to name a star for your first girlfriend or propose on the Jumbotron at an event. Now you can place an advertisement on a satellite orbiting. There is no better way to impress anyone than this.

It would be a great job to have the drive behind everything. Doing things no one else does is the true driving force behind an entrepreneur. It doesn’t have to be bizarre. It doesn’t matter if the idea seems far-fetched. After all, it is still space. columnsists’ opinions are not the views of

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